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Policy: Academic progress of undergraduate scholarship holders


To set out the University’s policy for reviewing the academic progress of the holders of undergraduate scholarships.


This document provides the guiding principles for reviewing the academic progress of the holders of undergraduate scholarships.


This policy applies only to recipients of one of the below scholarships who first received their scholarship in or prior to 2013. All students who were first awarded their scholarship in 2014 or later should refer to the Level of Performance clause in their Conditions of Award for progress requirements.


Undergraduate scholarship or scholarship means any of the following list as amended from time to time:

  • ANU National Undergraduate Scholarship
  • ANU National Achievement Scholarship
  • ANU Region Scholarship
  • ANU National Merit Scholarship
  • ANU Honours Scholarship
  • Sir Geoffrey Yeend Honours Scholarship
  • ANU International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • ANU Malaysian Alumni International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • ANU Singapore Alumni International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • ANU Thai Alumni International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Terrell International Undergraduate Scholarship;

Policy Statement

  1. The University supports a suite of academic undergraduate scholarships to reward excellence at the time of selection and continued excellence during the degree program.
  2. The University has a responsibility to ensure appropriate and early intervention for students holding undergraduate scholarships (‘scholars’) whose academic achievement is not at the appropriate level.
  3. This responsibility is owed primarily, but not solely, to the individual scholars affected; other members of the University community also have an interest in the best possible use of available resources.
  4. Early interventions should be supportive of the individual scholar concerned, and directed towards ensuring the academic achievement at the appropriate level of that scholar. They should recognise the primary responsibility of the scholar for his or her own progress, and should assist the scholar to exercise that responsibility effectively.
  5. Processes for making decisions about whether or not scholars who do not achieve at the appropriate level should be permitted to continue to hold the undergraduate scholarship should be open, fair, resource efficient and timely.


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Title Academic progress for holders of undergraduate scholarship
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000362
Version 5
Purpose To set out the University's policy for reviewing the academic progress of the holders of undergraduate scholarships.
Audience Students-Undergraduate
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Students - Assessment, Academic Progress & Appeals
Effective Date 1 Dec 2007
Review Date 31 Dec 2019
Responsible Officer Registrar, Student Administration
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Division of Student Administration
Authority Academic Progress Rule 2015