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Policy: ANU Drill Hall Gallery


For the guidance of staff and members of the ‘ANU Drill Hall Gallery and Art Collection Advisory Committee’.


To provide guidance for staff and members of the ANU Drill Hall Gallery and Art Collection Advisory Committee.


This Policy applies across the University

Policy Statement


  1. This policy governs the operation of the Drill Hall Gallery.


  1. It is the policy of the Drill Hall Gallery to enhance the reputation of The Australian National University as a patron, teacher and researcher of the visual arts by:
  • presenting a selective program of diverse and stimulating exhibitions that highlight achievements in contemporary visual arts, both nationally and internationally;
  • mounting link exhibitions developed in conjunction with the University's wide ranging academic interests or to coincide with major conferences and public events;
  • showing exhibitions of an historical or social context or nature offered by touring agencies, including national, state and regional galleries, University galleries and overseas public cultural agencies
  • presenting lectures and seminars in conjunction with its exhibitions that will have a broad educational role;
  • exhibiting work which would not usually be shown by a commercial/private gallery, such as work from public or private collections, work of an ephemeral nature, or work which is in other ways not commercially oriented.
  1. As a non-profit organisation, the Drill Hall Gallery has a policy of not selling any of the works that it exhibits.


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Title ANU Drill Hall Gallery
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000370
Purpose This procedure sets out the mechanisms relating to the ownership, management and curation of the ANU art collection, the operation of the ANU Drill Hall Gallery and the establishment of an advisory committee. The membership of the Advisory Committee has been expanded to include representation from ANU Heritage and an indigenous representative.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Buildings & Grounds - Drill Hall Gallery
Effective Date 8 Dec 2022
Next Review Date 8 Dec 2027
Responsible Officer: Director, Drill Hall Gallery
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Drill Hall Gallery and University Art Collection
Delegations 247

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