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Policy: Naming recognition


To outline the principles governing recognition of exceptional contributions to the University through asset naming.


This policy sets out principles governing recognition through asset naming of exceptional contributions to the work, reputation or standing of the University; for significant philanthropic donations; or for outstanding achievement as a scholar or in the service of society.


This policy applies to all proposals for recognition through naming and all University assets (both physical and non-physical).


A gift to the University is defined (in accordance with ATO Taxation Ruling 2005/13) as a transfer of the beneficial interest in property, in which the transfer is made voluntarily and arises by way of benefaction, and from which the giver receives no material benefit or advantage.

Policy statement

  1. Recognition through naming is conferred:
  1. in alignment with the legislation, policy and strategic aims of the University;
  2. on the basis that it does not compromise the values, integrity, autonomy or reputation of the University; and
  3. following a transparent and rigorous process.
  1. Naming of assets in recognition of philanthropy:
  1. acknowledges both significant individual gifts and gifts made to the University over time;
  2. is conferred:
  • at a level and for a duration commensurate with the contribution; and
  • on receipt of gift or as outlined in the gift deed; and
  1. does not confer any material benefit to the donor, nor special privileges, control or responsibility for the asset named.
  1. Naming of assets in recognition of outstanding achievement or contribution to the University:
  1. reflects the diversity of the ANU community and our responsibility to Indigenous Australia;
  2. is conferred at a level commensurate with the achievement or contribution;
  3. is considered only when the strategic or cultural benefit to ANU is greater than the potential funding opportunity; and
  4. is not conferred on current students or members of staff.


Printable version (PDF)
Title Naming recognition
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000379
Version 9
Purpose To outline the principles governing recognition of exceptional contribution to the University through asset naming.
Audience Alumni, Staff, Affiliates
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Community & Development - Donations
Effective Date 28 Oct 2022
Next Review Date 28 Oct 2027
Responsible Officer: Vice-President, ANU Advancement
Approved By: ANU Council
Contact Area ANU Advancement
Delegations 268

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