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Policy: Advertising


Conditions relating to the placement of advertising in ANU websites, publications and outdoor media.


Conditions relating to the placement of advertising in ANU websites, publications and outdoor media.


This Policy applies across the University.

Policy Statement

  1. The Marketing Office is responsible for managing the development, placement and approval of all external and internal advertising for ANU as well as the delegation of approval rights to specific University areas. Internal advertising refers to any advertising from a commercial, government, community, academic, social, charitable or other external organisation being placed in ANU communication media, including publications (such as ANU Reporter, On-Campus, the student newsletter and other area specific newsletters), websites (corporate, staff, academic, administrative and student) and outdoor. The central model of advertising control at ANU ensures that any internal advertising:
  • Is in line with ANU branding principles and does not devalue the ANU brand
  • Is not contrary to the purpose of ANU as an education-intensive research institute
  • Does not contain information of a competitive nature to ANU
  • Does not place ANU in a divisive moral or ethical position
  • Does not include information of a political nature
  • Does not include information which is obscene, offensive, defamatory, racist or sexist or which would bring ANU into disrepute
  • Does not compromise the ability of the ANU communication medium to carry out its purpose of providing relevant information to its target audience
  • Does not impinge on the ANU branding/corporate style guide requirements
  • Contains up to date information
  • Does not mislead or deceive in any way
  • Does not breach any law or invade the rights or privacy of any person
  1. Decisions to accept or reject future internal advertising will be based on:
  • Level of financial contribution from the external party to the specific ANU area hosting the advertising through its publication, website or outdoor placement
  • Level of increased exposure to the specific ANU area's publication, website or outdoor placement
  • Level of benefit in promoting the ANU brand by association
  • Notwithstanding the above criteria, the Marketing Office reserves the right to accept, reject or remove any advertising at its sole discretion. the Marketing Office also reserves the right to waive advertising costs, in agreement with relevant areas, if the advertising is pre-assessed to be advantageous to ANU or to education and/or research
  1. Due to differences in the application of the three advertising media detailed in this policy, the Marketing Office has set some media specific principles:
  • No advertising will be permitted in any ANU publications unless endorsed or approved by the Marketing Office or a delegated University area
  • No ‘pop-ups' will be permitted anywhere throughout the ANU website
  • No outdoor advertising will be permitted in forms that may interfere with, or physically harm human or motor traffic, and must be approved for placement by Facilities & Services Division
  • No outdoor advertising will be permitted that interferes with nature or is against ANU Green principles
  1. The pricing structure for all internal advertising is set by the Marketing Office. Details of the pricing structure are subject to regular review but are based on three factors:
  • Reach and frequency of exposure to target audiences
  • Level of focused targeting of particular audiences
  • Level of market demand and availability of the communication medium
  1. This means that in the case of ANU publications, there are set rate cards defining the size and placement cost structure. In terms of the ANU website, there is a sliding price structure based on the number of website hits, page level/depth of placement and banner/link size, position and duration. For outdoor advertising there is a rate card specifying price dependence on the size, position and duration.


  1. In order to ensure that ANU internal advertising does not infringe on any of the points listed above and has the maximum benefit for ANU, a formal process for internal advertising sign-off has been established. Unless prior delegation has been given by the Marketing Office to a particular University area, all internal advertising submissions need to:
  • Be presented to the Marketing Office (Senior Marketing & Advertising Manager as a Marketing Office internal advertising business case and include the full proposal from the external organisation.
  • Contain information specifying the name and nature of the advertising organisation, its advertising requirement including media and length of exposure, the content, design and purpose of the advertising and how it will be monitored and measured by ANU staff.
  • Contain full disclosure of any matter of which the organisation is aware that may be relevant to the University's decision whether or not to accept the advertising. The types of matters which ANU considers relevant include those listed above under the heading ‘Principles'.
  • Be endorsed by the Dean or Director of the specific area.
  • Be submitted for review and sign-off to Facilities & Services Division (in the case of outdoor advertising only).
  • Be submitted for review and sign-off to the Legal Office via the Marketing Office as appropriate.
  • Be reviewed and signed off by the Marketing Office.
  1. To gain a Marketing Office internal advertising business case, see the advertising section of the Services website.


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Title Advertising
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000425
Version 6
Purpose Conditions relating to the placement of advertising in ANU websites, publications and outdoor media.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Marketing & Communications - Advertising
Effective Date 4 Aug 2010
Review Date 6 Aug 2013
Responsible Officer Director, Marketing Office
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Marketing Office
Authority Australian National University Act 1991