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Policy: Staff leave


To inform staff of the principles that underpin the provision of leave in accordance with the ANU Enterprise Agreement.


An outline of the principles that underpin the provision of leave at ANU.


This Policy applies to all staff across the University.

Policy statement


  1. The University provides a family friendly and flexible work environment, with a range of leave arrangements which allow fair and reasonable access to paid and unpaid leave for a range of purposes to support personal needs of staff and the operational requirements of the University.
  2. The following conditions apply to all types of leave:
  1. All paid leave counts as service for all purposes.
  2. A part-time staff member is entitled to the same leave entitlements as a full-time staff member in an equivalent position, however, leave will be accrued on a pro rata basis.
  3. If a staff member takes leave at half pay, their leave accruals and superannuation contributions will be on a pro rata basis during that period of leave, except for parental leave, where arrangements are in accordance with the Procedure: Parental and Grandparent Leave.
  4. Where practicable, all absences must have prior approval.
  5. Staff should give sufficient notice of leave requests to permit consideration of the application and, where the leave request is approved, to allow the work area time to organise arrangements for the staff members duties.
  6. Where a staff member is absent without obtained approval, the University may cease paying that staff member's salary for the duration of the absence. In accordance with the ANU Procedure: Abandonment of employment, in some circumstances, the University will be entitled to assume that the staff member has abandoned their employment, and will take steps to terminate the staff member’s employment.
  1. All leave applications require approval in accordance with the conditions and approval arrangements specified in the respective procedures and in line with ANU Delegations.
  2. Approval of leave beyond those provided for under relevant procedures will require approval from the Chief People Officer or the Vice-Chancellor and President (or nominee).


Printable version (PDF)
Title Staff leave
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000467
Purpose To inform staff of the principles that underpin the provision of leave at ANU
Audience Staff, Staff-Academic, Staff-Professional
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Leave & Absences
Effective Date 9 May 2024
Next Review Date 4 Dec 2026
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority: The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026
Long Service Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1976
Maternity Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Act 1973
Delegations 183

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