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This policy document is currently under review to reflect The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026, which came into effect on 5 December 2023. Until this has been reviewed, the new Enterprise Agreement will take precedence over the provisions outlined in this document.

Policy: Termination of employment


To outline the policy framework for the termination of employment with the University in accordance with the ANU Enterprise Agreement.


Policy outlining the conditions relating to termination of employment with the University.


This policy applies across the University.

Policy statement

  1. Staff members may terminate their employment with the University through:
  1. Resignation, or
  2. Election to retire (which may be through an early retirement scheme). or
  3. Absenting themselves from the work place (abandonment of employment)
  1. A staff member (other than a casual or continuing contingent funded staff member) resigning from the University must provide the period of notice specified in their contract of employment, or at least two weeks notice, whichever is greater.
  2. A shorter period of notice will be agreed by the delegate where this can be done without a demonstrable adverse effect on University operations and in particular meeting teaching and research commitments.
  3. Termination of a staff member's employment will occur automatically at the end of a fixed-term or casual period of employment, unless there is mutual agreement to enter into a new period of employment.
  4. The University may, in writing, terminate a staff member’s employment on the basis of:
  1. Annulment of probation
  2. Ill health of the staff member, where it is demonstrated that the staff member will not be able to return to duty within a reasonable time frame.
  3. Redundancy
  4. Unsatisfactory performance
  5. Misconduct (including serious misconduct)
  6. loss of a licence or qualification results in the staff member becoming incapable of performing the duties of their position for an unreasonable period of time.
  7. Voluntary retirement schemes
  8. Cessation of external funding or early completion of a task or project for which the staff member has been employed (for fixed term or continuing contingent funding appointments)
  9. Abandonment of employment


  1. Periods of notice will apply to most forms of termination.
  2. In addition to the notice periods specified in clause 9 and 10 (below), where a staff member (excluding casuals) is over 45 years of age and they have completed two or more years of continuous service with the University, an additional one week notice will be provided.
  3. Where a staff member’s employment is terminated for any of the following reasons, the corresponding minimum notice period will apply:

Reason for termination of employment

Minimum notice period

Annulment of probation

4 weeks


4 weeks

Redundancy – continuing academic appointment

6 weeks

Redundancy – continuing professional staff appointment

6 weeks

Ceasing employment on the grounds of ill health

6 months

Serious misconduct

Nil weeks

  1. The termination of a staff member’s employment will be effective from the date at which the notice period expires.
  2. Where a fixed term period of employment expires and the University does not intend to enter into a new period of employment the following notice periods will apply:

Period of continuous service

Minimum notice period

Less than 3 years

2 weeks

3 years but less than 5 years

3 weeks

5 years or over

4 weeks

  1. Where a staff member has been suspended, with or without pay the Vice-Chancellor may direct that the suspension continue during the notice period.

Termination of Casual Employment

  1. A casual staff member’s employment may be terminated by the University, or the staff member by giving one hour’s notice, or by the University paying, or the staff member forfeiting one hour’s salary in lieu of notice.

Voluntary Early Retirement Schemes

  1. The University may offer an early retirement scheme (which may be conditional) to encourage certain groups or categories of staff to retire early from the University. The University will consult with the relevant unions prior to making the offer to staff.


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Title Termination of employment
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000472
Purpose To inform staff of the conditions relating to termination of employment with the University
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Employment of Staff
Effective Date 1 Apr 2019
Next Review Date 30 Jun 2024
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority: The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026
Australian National University Act 1991
Delegations 0

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