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Policy: Use of the University name and insignia


The purpose of this policy is to protect and enhance the University’s reputation by establishing and upholding the correct and consistent use of the University’s identity.

This policy:

  • ensures that expressed or implied association with the University is accurate and consistent with our purpose, mission and standards of education and research;
  • supports a coordinated, disciplined and sustainable approach to managing the University’s identity;
  • supports appropriate acknowledgement of relationships with external organisations and affiliated bodies;
  • provides for effective management, monitoring and review of the ANU Identity to protect and enhance the University’s reputation;
  • administers the ANU Identity Guidelines.


This policy outlines how use of the University name, logo and any ANU branded material, is applied and governed. This includes our visual and verbal identity, brand architecture and the values that underpin them.


This policy applies across the University for all uses of the ANU Identity, including the ANU website, and is applicable to staff, future and current students and affiliates.

This policy outlines:

  • ownership of the ANU Identity and appropriate delegations for any changes to the ANU Identity;
  • appropriate use of the ANU logo, ANU name, sub-brands and logos by internal and external stakeholders;
  • governance of the ANU Identity;
  • responsibility of staff, students and affiliates when using the ANU Identity.


ANU Identity Guidelines outline and specify the standard requirements for use of the University’s identity (brand) internally and externally.

ANU Masterbrand is the University’s only corporate brand. The Masterbrand is outlined in the ANU Identity Guidelines and informs how all ANU entities must be branded. The Masterbrand is trademarked.

Brand architecture refers to the structure and hierarchy of brands within the University.

Co-branding means use of the University name and insignia in association with other brands, such as in partnerships, sponsorships, collaborations and other endorsement activities.

Identity (brand) refers collectively to the elements that make up the University’s brand. This includes any visual or verbal representation of the University. In this context, identity is considered the same as brand. Please refer to the ANU Identity Framework for further information on the ANU Identity.

Insignia means a distinguishing mark or sign and includes the University’s arms or crest, motto and the logotype for its name. Please refer to the logo section on the ANU Identity Hub.


This policy is made under the Australian National University Act 1991.

Policy statement


  1. The University owns the rights to the identifiers "The Australian National University" and "ANU", and takes a legitimate interest in the use of its name(s) and insignia and motto, which are legally protected by copyright and trademark provisions.
  2. All official University communications must use the ANU Masterbrand and be consistent with the ANU Identity as specified in the ANU Identity Guidelines.
  3. Official University material produced in the ordinary course of business, such as website and digital communication, conference presentations, course materials and business stationery, does not require approval to use the University name and insignia but standard ANU templates should be used for these purposes.
  4. Any branded material (for external use) that is not endorsed under the ANU Identity Guidelines requires International Strategy and Future Students Division (ISFSD) approval (in the first instance).
  5. Any person wishing to deviate from the ANU Masterbrand must follow the brand decision making tree (available in the ANU Identity Guidelines) to determine what other brand options may be available.
  6. The Director, Brand and Marketing, or most senior marketing officer, of the ISFSD is responsible for developing and overseeing the University‘s identity. This position may:
  • delegate approval responsibilities for all uses of the ANU Identity where necessary.
  1. The Associate Director, Brand and Marketing Services is responsible for approving any use of the ANU Identity when it is:
  • used within the ANU Identity Guidelines.
  1. If a branding request is presented that both falls outside of the ANU Identity Guidelines and is outside of core University business, approval must be sought by the Director, Brand and Marketing in the International Strategy and Future Students Division.
  2. If the Masterbrand is used, it must be in the best interests of ANU.
  3. The University may take legal action for unauthorised use of the ANU Identity.


Printable version (PDF)
Title Use of the university name and insignia
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000479
Purpose To define the conditions relating to the use of the University's name and insignia including its logo and brand.
Audience Staff, Alumni, Affiliates, Students
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Marketing & Communications - University Branding
Effective Date 25 Aug 2022
Next Review Date 25 Aug 2027
Responsible Officer: Director International Strategy and Future Student Division
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area International Strategy and Future Students Division
Authority: Australian National University Act 1991
Delegations 0

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