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Policy: Use of the University name and insignia


Conditions relating to use of the University's name and insignia.


This policy provides guidance on the use of the University name and insignia.


This Policy applies across the University.

Policy statement


The Australian National University has a legitimate interest in the use of its name, insignia and motto. Its primary interest is to ensure that expressed or implied association with the University is accurate, and properly reflects and is consistent with the University's purpose, mission and standards of education and research.

The following broad principles apply to use of the University name, logos and insignia, and motto.

1. The University owns the rights to the identifiers "The Australian National University" and "ANU", and takes a legitimate interest in the use of its name(s) and insignia and motto, which are legally protected by copyright and trademark provisions.

2. The University's insignia includes its arms or crest, and the logotype for its name. Each element of the insignia must be displayed in the correct relationship and proportion to others.

3. The University and its members have a responsibility to ensure that any express or implied association with the University is appropriate and accurate. In the consideration of appropriateness and accuracy, the University will take into account its purpose and objectives under its enabling legislation, the high standards of scholarship, research and teaching to which it holds, and its place as Australia's national university.

4. Colleges, schools, faculties and centres of the University are not legal entities in their own right. A college, school, faculty or centre must be identified at all times as a part of the University with the University name and, where appropriate, insignia prominently and appropriately used.

5. Individual college names should always be preceded by ANU ie “ANU College of …….”.

5A. The phrase “ANU Legal Workshop” shall be exclusively used by the University when referring to the University’s Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice Program (or replacement program of training for initial admission post LLB or equivalent qualification as a legal practitioner) without reference to the “ANU College of Law”.

6. Secondary logos (ie logos associated with colleges, schools, faculties or centres, or other constituent parts of the University) should not be used without the express written approval of the Director, Marketing Office or the Vice-Chancellor.

7. The University and its members have a responsibility to protect University assets by seeking a fair share of any economic value produced by use of that name.


1. Express written approval to use the University name and\or insignia must be sought except for: stationery, business cards and other material used in the ordinary course of University business; journals and monographs; conference presentations; materials prepared for courses; and copyright notices.

  1. The University has developed a Corporate Style Manual (available in hard copy from the Marketing Office or electronically from which sets out standards for letterhead, memoranda, fax header sheets and business cards. The templates developed provide for identification of departments, divisions and larger academic or administrative units. It is particularly important for official written communication to be consistent with these templates.
  2. The Corporate Style Manual also provides guidelines on the use - placement, appearance, relationship - of the name and insignia, which apply to all written materials as well as those appearing in electronic media such as University websites.
  3. Guidelines on the current use of the ANU name and insignia in advertising, as well as current processes for advertising production, sign off, media scheduling, booking and placement, can be found in the Advertising Design and Media Guidelines as well as the Advertising Style Guide and Procedure Manual.

2. If any form of financial or other consideration is involved in the use of the University name or insignia, prior written approval must be sought from the Director, Marketing Office or the Vice-Chancellor as Council's delegate with authority to approve use of the University name and insignia. The request for approval should include the exact nature of the use of the name and\or insignia, the party(ies) involved, and the consideration.

3. If use of the University name and\or insignia is to be part of a commercialisation proposal or venture, the Director, Marketing Office or the Vice-Chancellor will refer the matter to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Where a commercial venture is approved, the scope of the use of the University name and insignia should be approved at the same time.

4. If the use of the University name and\or insignia forms part of a warranty of quality (for example, in a prospectus) then the University has the right and responsibility to seek expert opinion on any claims being made in relation to its name and\or insignia or involvement in that activity.

5. Each organisational unit of the University should take due care to ensure that activities they initiate do not adversely affect those of other areas. For example, a project or activity carried out by one area should not bear a name confusingly similar to another.

6. Faculty members, staff and students may use the University name to identify themselves in the course of official University business or to refer to the source of their employment or qualifications, when this relates to professional activity or comment within their professional expertise. However, in using the University's name, faculty, staff and students should ensure that the name is used in such a way that does not imply University endorsement or responsibility for the particular activity, product, opinion, or publication.

7. Media opinions and statements. ANU staff members have the same rights as all Australians to air their views in public debate, and to use their private resources for such purposes. Staff members should carefully consider when and where to use their ANU affiliation in public debate. As ANU staff members, they are encouraged, as part of their academic responsibilities, to engage with the public and participate in open debate in areas in which they have expertise. When staff members speak within the broad framework of the expertise which led to their employment, or which they have subsequently developed through research and scholarly activities as ANU staff members, they are entitled to use their ANU affiliation as evidence of their expertise on the issue. Statements made on behalf of the University which reflect a University position are normally made by the Vice-Chancellor, members of the Executive and the Director, Marketing Office. Personal opinions (such as letters to the editor) that do not reflect a University position should be made personally and not officially.

8. Blanket permissions may be sought and given by the Director, Marketing Office for certain categories of use.

9. No-one may register or authorise the registration of any trade or service mark of The Australian National University in Australia or any other country without the prior written permission of the Director, Marketing Office or the Vice-Chancellor.

10. Any individual or unit that wishes to grant or receive a license for the use on merchandise of the University name, or the name of a specifically named entity within the University, must obtain the prior written approval of the Director, Marketing Office or the Vice-Chancellor.


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Title Use of the university name and insignia
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_000479
Version 5
Purpose To define the conditions relating to the use of the University's name and insignia including its logo and brand.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Marketing & Communications - University Branding
Effective Date 1 Oct 2007
Review Date 1 Dec 2014
Responsible Officer Director, Marketing Office
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Marketing Office
Authority Australian National University Act 1991

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