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Procedure: Paid outside work – the 52 day rule


To establish the framework for ANU staff undertaking consultancies and professional activities as paid outside work.



  1. An individual member of staff wishing to undertake paid outside work must complete the form for approval of paid outside work, including a declaration of all apparent and perceived conflicts or potential Conflicts of Interest or Commitment (COIs). Under the Conflict of interest and commitment procedure disclosure by a staff member must be made fully and promptly to the staff member’s supervisor where there is potential for conflict, or the perception that a conflict may exist.

Form: Conflict Permission Request

Supporting document: Example Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

  1. Staff wishing to undertake Company Directorships, Secretaryships and Partnerships must also follow the Company Directorships, Secretaryships and Partnerships Procedure.
  2. Applications for paid outside work other than professional practice must be made in advance of any work undertaken, and, for work that is continuing, must be renewed every 12 months.
  3. Applications for professional practice must be made as soon as is practicable, and must be renewed when there are significant changes to the work (such as changes to contracted employer, changes to discipline, changes to apportionment of time); or at least every 3 years.
  4. Approval is given by the authorised Delegate taking into account:
  1. whether the proposed paid outside work should more appropriately be considered as a University Consultancy, e.g. if there is use of University resources, or constitute part of the staff member’s regular duties;
  2. whether the amount of time requested is consistent with completion of duties and responsibilities as an ANU employee;
  3. whether a potential or perceived COI exists (refer clause 1), and if so whether that is manageable; and
  4. particularly, that work performed by externally-funded staff is consistent with any other contractual obligations of the University (for example: funding agency grants or other third party contracts).


  1. On request from the authorised Delegate, annually or on an ad hoc basis, staff members must supply information on the extent and nature of paid work undertaken in a personal capacity, whether that has been approved pursuant to the Paid outside work policy or not.

Receipt of funds

  1. No funds from paid outside work can be receipted by the University. Funds must be received privately, and may then be donated to the University if desired.

Review of outside work decisions

  1. Decisions regarding personal consultancies and professional practice may be reviewed according to the procedure set out at clause 78 of the Enterprise Agreement 2013-2016. University Consultancies are not subject to review.


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Title Paid outside work – the 52 day rule
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000512
Version 10
Purpose To establish the framework for ANU staff undertaking consultancies and professional activities as paid outside work.
Audience Staff-Academic
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Research - Grants & Consultancies
Effective Date 1 Apr 2015
Review Date 1 Apr 2018
Responsible Officer: Director, Research Services
Approved By: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Contact Area Research Services
Authority ANU Enterprise Agreement 2017 – 2021