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Procedure: Redeployment


To outline the principles and processes which facilitate the redeployment of staff whose position is no longer required or who cannot undertake their current responsibilities due to personal incapacity to work, in accordance with the provisions of the ANU Enterprise Agreement.


Application of redeployment provisions to staff

  1. The redeployment provisions may apply to staff members holding continuing or fixed term, full-time or part-time employment, where:
  1. the staff member’s substantive position has been declared surplus to requirements as a result of organisational change, (where applicable and in accordance with the ANU Procedure: Redundancy and severance);
  2. a medical condition/disability significantly impacts upon a staff member's ability to carry out the duties of their current position (either temporarily or permanently), and reasonable adjustments are not able to be implemented to enable the staff member to undertake the requirements of the position; or
  3. an accepted workers' compensation claim under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 requires a staff member to undertake duties in a suitable alternative position.

Redeployment process – Organisational change

  1. The University will seek to redeploy a continuing staff member into a suitable alternative position within 12 weeks of their position being declared surplus in accordance with the organisational change provisions of the ANU Enterprise Agreement, the ANU Procedure: Managing change and ANU Procedure: Redundancy and severance.
  2. A suitable alternative position means a position which has substantially the same duties, classification level and career standing as the redundant position and for which the staff member currently possesses the skills and experience (or could reasonably be expected to develop the required skills within a limited period) to satisfactorily perform the duties of the position. A staff member must not unreasonably refuse redeployment to a suitable alternative position at their existing classification level.
  3. A staff member may also elect to seek redeployment to other positions, including positions at a lower classification level, fixed term or continuing (contingent funded) positions or part-time positions. If the staff member meets the selection criteria for the position or could be expected to meet the selection criteria with appropriate training within a reasonable timeframe, they will be appointed to the position.
  4. Where a staff member agrees to be redeployed to a position with a lower classification, salary maintenance of up to 26 weeks for professional staff and up to 12 months for academic staff may be paid at the pre-transfer salary rate.
  5. Where a staff member agrees to be redeployed to a fixed term or continuing (contingent funded) position, they would not be eligible for redundancy entitlements at the cessation of the new position.
  6. A staff member who disagrees with the suitability of a proposed suitable alternative position for redeployment may seek a review of decision in accordance with the relevant provision of the ANU Enterprise Agreement, on the basis that the decision will have a detrimental impact on career standing.
  7. For academic staff who wish to use the redeployment period to find alternative work outside the University, the University will provide reasonable outplacement support and time for job search activities and attending interviews without loss of pay; and, where agreed by the Chief People Officer, a program of training; and reasonable travel and other expenses associated with these activities.
  8. The home area delegate is obliged to release a staff member to their redeployed position within a reasonable timeframe. Facilitation of a handover, or key operational business requirements may be taken into consideration, however if a reasonable agreement on release date cannot be reached, the matter is determined by the Chief People Officer or their nominee.
  9. There will be no impediments to the redeployment of a staff member caused by a transfer of accrued entitlement liability to a receiving area. The staff member will retain continuity of service and leave entitlements.
  10. A staff member may apply to the Chief People Officer to have the redeployment period extended if the staff member has taken sick leave on account of illness during their redeployment period. The Chief People Officer will not unreasonably reject such applications. Where accepted, the notice can be extended by the period of sick leave covered by a medical certificate (up to a maximum of six weeks).
  11. A staff member may seek to waive the redeployment period and/or notice period for an early termination payment, in accordance with clause 57.20 of the ANU Enterprise Agreement.

Redeployment process - medical

  1. Where a staff member seeks redeployment due to a medical condition, as opposed to their position being declared surplus, the University will ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to redeploy the staff member to suitable alternative employment/duties.


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Title Redeployment
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000541
Purpose To outline the principles and processes to facilitate the redeployment of staff who cannot undertake their current responsibilities due to organisational or workplace change, and/or personal incapacity to work.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Employment of Staff
Effective Date 19 Apr 2024
Next Review Date 4 Dec 2026
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority: The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026
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