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Procedure: Pets in the university


To outline considerations of pets on campus and minimise risks associated with their presence in University buildings.


Assistance animal refers to the meaning under Section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth).


  1. Pets on campus should not undermine the University community's enjoyment of the campus and environments, nor threaten the operations or research of the University.

Control of pets on campus

  1. The University prohibits staff, students, contractors and visitors from taking pets into University buildings or other facilities, including vehicles. Pet animals have the potential to act as safety hazards and as vectors for transmissions of diseases to humans or research animals.
  2. Pets on campus grounds must be restrained and in the control of a competent person. Under the Domestic Animals Act 2000 (ACT) dogs are prohibited in play areas and on sports grounds when sport is being played or training is being conducted.
  3. Any pet that is a nuisance or displays aggressive behaviour will be prohibited from the campus.


  1. Animals in approved research are excluded.
  2. Assistance animals - Guide and hearing dogs accompanying blind or deaf persons are allowed within University buildings.
  3. Other assistance animals are exempt only when the owner/person has an appropriately worded medical certificate or Disability Services Registration Card.
  4. As the University undertakes a variety of research, teaching and operational activities with varying degrees of hazard, it must be appreciated that certain area/rooms/ laboratories/locations may pose a significant risk to the animal and/or their owner. To ensure their safety and wellbeing, access to certain hazardous or restricted areas should only be undertaken after the risks are assessed and discussed with the person.

Regulatory obligations

  1. Sections of the Domestic Animals Act 2000 (ACT) may be enforced around the campus, given that the ANU campus is a public place in terms of the Act.


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Title Pets in the university
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000576
Version 6
Purpose To outline considerations of pets on campus and minimise risks associated with their presence in University buildings.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff
Effective Date 29 Aug 2016
Review Date 29 Aug 2019
Responsible Officer: Director, Human Resources
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority Disability Discrimination Act 1992
Domestic Animals Act 2000