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Procedure: Hours of work and related provisions


To provide information to staff on a range of employment conditions, including: hours of work; flexible work arrangements; span of hours; and entitlement to breaks.


  1. All staff are required to attend work during the hours prescribed by their supervisor and will be present at the prescribed work location on campus unless otherwise agreed in writing by their supervisor or when an application under the Home Based Work procedure has been agreed. Any such arrangements may be varied by the University to meet operational needs.

Hours of work

  1. The ordinary number of hours of work (exclusive of meal breaks) required for a full-time, professional staff member will be 35 hours per week except for the following:

Hospitality stream at University House and Halls of Residence

38 hours per week - may take rostered days off (RDO) by agreement with the University, in accordance with their hours worked and University policy and procedure.

Night assistants at Mt Stromlo or Siding Spring Observatories

70 hours per fortnight from commencement of night work in accordance with clause 4 below.

12 hour security staff

76 hours per fortnight averaged over the roster period, plus reasonable additional hours for which they will be compensated at overtime rates or through the payment of an annualised loading.

Span of hours

  1. The following spans of hours provides the University's work areas with flexibility to meet varying workplace requirements:

Classification stream

Span of hours


6.00am to 5.00pm

Attendant, Printing, Security, Cleaning

7.00am to 5.00pm


7.30am to 4.00pm

Administration, Engineering, Information Technology, Library, Professional, Research, Stores, Technical/Draughting/Illustrating

8.00am to 6.00pm


6.30am to 7.30pm

The spans of hours reflect the times that work is paid at ordinary time rates.

  1. The ordinary hours of work for a night assistant who is rostered on night work at the Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatories may exceed 35 in a week provided that: they do not exceed 70 hours in a fortnight commencing on the day on which the night work begins; and such night work begins not earlier than 30 minutes before evening astronomical twilight and ends not later than 30 minutes after morning astronomical twilight on any day. Where night work is impracticable, a rostered night assistant may be employed on daytime duties. Overtime will be in accordance with the overtime provisions of the Enterprise Agreement.

Flexible working arrangements for professional staff

  1. Flexible working arrangements allow staff members and the University to vary hours, and patterns of work, to meet the teaching, research and administrative priorities of the University and the staff members' personal commitments, taking into account the operational requirements of the work area. Where a staff member request’s a flexible work arrangement, the University may require the request to be submitted in writing, detailing the changes sought and the reasons for the change. The University will commit to providing the staff member a written response to the request within 21 days, stating whether the request has been granted or refused. If the request has been refused, the University will provide written reasons for the refusal.
  2. The University has two main types of flexible working arrangements:
  1. Flextime
  2. Non-prescribed flexible working arrangements


  1. Flextime is an arrangement whereby a staff member may, with the approval of his or her supervisor, start and/or finish work at flexible times normally within the span of hours and such agreement must be documented with records kept of start and finishing times. A request to work flextime arrangements will not be unreasonably refused.
  2. Flextime is not designed to increase or reduce the total number of hours that must be worked by staff. A staff member will normally be expected to reconcile their flextime within four weeks and two days, unless otherwise approved in writing by their supervisor. Within this period the staff member will be provided with an opportunity to clear their credits and to make up any debits before any decision is made to alter other entitlements.
  3. Flextime arrangements are administered in accordance with the University's Enterprise Agreement. The work area is responsible for maintaining records of agreed start and finish times, and that relevant time off has been taken.

Non-prescribed flexible working arrangements

  1. Non-prescribed flexible working arrangements, which are worked outside the span of hours, may not attract overtime or shift work penalties. These arrangements will be agreed in writing by the University and a staff member or a category of staff members at a work location, or where authorised by the Director - Human Resources. Any such agreement must be documented with records kept of start and finishing times.

Entitlements to breaks

  1. Staff members are entitled to breaks for meals, morning/afternoon tea, safety and changing time for purpose of washing and changing in accordance with the following table:

Type of break





Professional staff

Not less than 30 minutes after 5 consecutive hours of work

Meal break does not count as time worked

Shift worker

Not less than 20 minutes during the first 5 hours of shift

Meal break is counted as time worked

2 hours overtime continuing after completing ordinary hours of work

Additional break not more than 1 hour and meal allowance at rate specified in the University's allowances schedules of the Enterprise Agreement

Meal break does not count as time worked


Professional staff

10 minutes each morning and afternoon

Tea breaks counted as time worked except where local agreements supersede.


When emergency work is undertaken or overtime worked in technical or similar areas

20 minutes on completion of every four hours of work

Safety breaks counted as time worked

Changing time for purpose of washing and changing

Where working conditions require

5 minutes prior to breaks and completion of work

Counts as time worked - local agreements may supersede.


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Title Hours of work and related provisions
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Version 10
Purpose To inform staff of employment conditions relating to hours of work including Hospitality Stream, and flexible working hours.
Audience Staff
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Effective Date 19 Dec 2008
Review Date 31 Dec 2017
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