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Procedure: Casual professional staff conditions


This document outlines the employment conditions and procedure for the payment of casual professional staff at ANU.


  1. The University acknowledges the contribution that casual staff make to the success of the University. The conditions for casual general staff are provided for in the ANU Enterprise Agreement.
  2. A casual appointment is one where the employee is not appointed on an ongoing basis and is normally required to work an irregular pattern of hours on an intermittent or irregular basis.
  3. An essential feature of a casual professional staff appointment is that there is no expectation of continuity of employment and the appointment may be terminated by providing 1 hour’s notice.
  4. Casual staff are not entitled to redundancy or severance payments.

Casual staff salary rate

  1. A casual professional staff member will be employed by the hour and paid an hourly rate, being the hourly rate derived from the annual salary (normally the base of the range) applicable to the appropriate ANU Officer level plus 25% casual loading in lieu of all paid leave entitlements, including long service leave.
  2. Casual professional staff are not entitled to incremental progression but may be appointed at any salary step within the relevant ANU Officer level, dependent on prior experience and/or enhanced skills and knowledge.


  1. Casual professional staff earning in excess of $450/month will receive the minimum Superannuation Guarantee rate and do not have access to the rates for ongoing staff. Casual professional staff earning less than $450/month are not entitled to any superannuation payments.

Appointment and hours for casual general staff

  1. A casual professional staff member may be appointed where the work involves an irregular pattern of hours or is on an intermittent or irregular basis.
  2. A casual professional staff member may be appointed where the work involves a regular pattern of hours or is on a regular basis where:
  • the appointment is to replace a continuing, continuing (contingent funded) or fixed term staff member who is absent from work, in which case the duration of the appointment must not exceed the period of such absence; or
  • the appointment is to fill a vacancy during a selection process; or
  • the duration of the appointment is for less than 6 months; or
  • the number of regular hours per fortnight is less than 14.

Minimum hours

  1. The minimum engagement for a casual professional staff member is 3 hours except as follows:

Type of staff member

Minimum engagement per day

Security officers, building/maintenance workers, tradespersons (other than electricians) grounds/garden workers, pastoral and farm workers

1 Hour

Scribes/note takers, attendants/employees in residential colleges or Halls of Residence

Nurses, nurse educators, nurse managers or nursing consultants

A staff member who has another primary occupation with another employer or the University

  1. A staff member who is a student (including a postgraduate student), and who is expected to attend the University on the day in question in his or her capacity as a student shall have a minimum engagement of 1 hour.
  2. Without limiting the scope of this procedure, a student will be taken as being expected to attend on any Monday to Friday during the main teaching weeks of the University, other than public holidays.
  3. In order to meet his or her personal circumstances, a casual staff member may request, and his or her supervisor may agree to an engagement for less than the minimum specified in clause 10 above.

Reasonable access to facilities

  1. Where practical, casual staff will be provided with reasonable access, commensurate with available resources, to University facilities to enable them to perform University work. These include access to the library, email and internet, a working space, and out-of-hours access to the office as appropriate.

Access to ongoing employment

  1. The University supports assisting suitability qualified casual staff to obtain either part-time or fulltime employment within the University where suitable vacancies arise. Existing casual staff employed at the time of advertisement of a vacancy in the University will be eligible to apply for such vacancies. Due consideration of the contribution and experience of suitably qualified casual staff will be given by selection panels when assessing applications for such ongoing fulltime and part time positions.
  2. Due consideration would not mean giving preference to casual staff with lesser claims to the selection criteria for the position.


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Title Casual professional staff conditions
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000612
Version 7
Purpose To outline the employment conditions for casual professional (general) staff at ANU including remuneration, superannuation, and access to ongoing positions.
Audience Staff-Professional
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Employment of Staff
Effective Date 1 Dec 2010
Review Date 31 Dec 2017
Responsible Officer Director, Human Resources
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority ANU Enterprise Agreement 2017 – 2021