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Procedure: Vehicle disposal procedure


This document provides support to the Vehicle Disposal Policy and outlines University and individual responsibilities, and provides further detail on how to implement and comply with the policy.



  1. The University has established preferred supplier agreements for disposal of ANU motor vehicles.
  2. When compliance with the procedures is not considered to be in the best interests of the University, a written and reasoned email of intent not to comply should be forwarded to the Manager, University Procurement and Contracts Office by the relevant delegated officer.
  3. The University has a contract with Pickles Auction Pty Ltd to manage the disposal of University vehicles. The University has chosen this ‘arm’s length’ arrangement to minimise the administration costs associated with vehicle sales.

Disposal time line

  1. Vehicles ready for disposal should be prepared for sale in a timely manner and be delivered to University Fleet Services by no later than midday on Wednesday. This allows Pickles Auctions to have the vehicle inspected, valued, detailed to a professional standard and be ready for fixed price sale for ANU staff on the Friday, and if required ready for auction on Thursday the following week. Vehicles not delivered by this time will be carried over to a later fixed price sale and/or auction. An example time line appears below.









Vehicle delivered to University Fleet Services by midday

Fixed price sale ANU staff only

Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm; Saturday: morning only

Pickles inspect, value and detail vehicle









Fixed price sale ANU staff only

8.30am to 4.30pm

Unsold vehicles to general public fixed price sale

Unsold vehicles to general public auction

Disposal process

  1. Prior to a vehicle being disposed the appropriate delegate (delegation 000233 1, 2 or 3) must authorise the disposal on the asset disposal form. University Fleet Services will not dispose of any vehicle until the asset disposal form is competed and signed by the delegate.

Refer to the Asset Disposal Form

  1. Local areas deliver the vehicle to University Fleet Services complete with all spare keys and registration papers. The ANU parking label should be removed from the vehicle.
  2. University Fleet Services advise Pickles the vehicle is ready for sale and will arrange to transport the vehicle to Pickles’ premises.
  3. Pickles book the vehicle in and provide an estimated sale value. This helps in setting the reserve price at auction.
  4. Pickles contact University Fleet Services with the vehicle valuation and recommended reserve price. The University Fleet Manager will confirm /negotiate the reserve price with the local area.
  5. When the vehicle is sold University Fleet Services will add the vehicle sale price to the asset disposal form and return the form to the local area.

Disposal methods

  1. Pickles Auctions will dispose of University vehicles using one of three methods (unless specified otherwise by the Vice-Chancellor). Some trade/commercial vehicles, or other vehicles in poor condition, will not be suitable for sale under the fixed price options and will go straight to a general public auction, damaged or repossessed vehicles auction or trucks and machinery auction.
  1. Fixed price cars: pre-auction sales for ANU staff only
  1. University staff are provided with an exclusive opportunity to purchase University vehicles before they are offered to the general public.
  2. The exclusive ANU staff fixed price sale, provided there are vehicles available, will be conducted over a three day period on a weekly basis. The vehicles will be made available for staff to inspect each day from 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday, Monday and Saturday morning.
  3. To ensure that only ANU staff members purchase vehicles under this method of disposal, staff are required to produce the following documents for inspection by Pickles.
  • A current photographic driver’s licence; and
  • A letter of introduction from the ANU or proof of ANU employment.
  1. A $500 (inc GST) non-refundable deposit or payment in full will be required to secure the vehicle. The deposit can be in the form of cash or bank cheque. The full and final payment can only be made by bank cheque. Bank cheques must be made out to “PVT Sales Canberra Trust Account”. If at any stage there is any uncertainty about the buyer’s credentials Pickles will contact ANU Fleet Services for further confirmation.

Fixed price cars: pre-auction sales

  1. When a vehicle has not been sold via the ANU staff fixed price sale method, the vehicle is then offered at a fixed price to the general public. The method used to determine a sale price under this disposal option differs to that used for ANU staff pricing shown above.

The buyer will be required to pay a $500.50 (inc GST) buyer fee prior to purchase.

  1. General vehicle auction.
  1. If a vehicle has not been purchased under either of the fixed price sales methods, the vehicle is sent to the general public auction. Auctions are held on a weekly basis at Pickles Auctions in Fyshwick on Thursday afternoons.
  2. All unsold vehicles are moved into the general public fixed price sale.

Detailing Options

Level A:

  • Engine wash
  • Outside wash including wheel arches and sills
  • Windows cleaned
  • Tyre shine
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Dash and console wiped
  • Hand polish

Level B:

As per level A plus:

  • Full machine buff or glaze as necessary
  • Shampoo seats and carpets
  • Wheel arches sprayed black
  • Door jams and boot jams washed in exterior wash
  • Interior cleaned including roof lining, seat belts etc.

Pickles administration processes

  1. The following applies to all three methods of disposal.
  2. The deposit can be in the form of cash or bank cheque. The full and final payment can only be made by bank cheque. All monies paid will are deposited into the Pickles Trust Account until the sales have been finalised.
  3. Directly after the sale, Pickles will provide a post-sale report listing the vehicles that have been sold and/or remain unsold. Remittance of all net sale proceeds (after all commission and detailing charges) will be made to the ANU within five to seven working days after the sales have been finalised.
  4. For vehicles purchased under fixed price sale conditions, the ACT Sale of Motor Vehicles Act 1977 requires Pickles Auctions to provide a statutory warranty to cover any defects that may occur within a three month or 5,000km period from the time of purchase. This warranty does not have to be provided for vehicles purchased at public auction.


  1. A vehicle auction sales estimate will be issued to you prior to the vehicle going to Auction. This form will highlight all associated selling costs (commission, GST, detailing) involved in selling a University vehicle. If you require the selling cost separately, please contact University Fleet Services at


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