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Procedure: Staff representation


To establish the procedures for staff representation.


  1. The framework for staff consultation at the ANU is provided for in the ANU Staff Consultation and organisational change policy.
  2. Staff may choose to be represented by suitably qualified representatives, including:
  1. a supervisor or manager - either from within their direct reporting line or from elsewhere within the University;
  2. a colleague who has experience in mediation or similar skills;
  3. a staff member whose role is to assist with staffing matters, such as a Human Resources representative, and Equity and Diversity representative, the Staff Counsellor, or a person from the University's Employment Assistance Program;
  4. a member of the University Staff Consultative Committee; or
  5. where the staff member is a member of a union, their union representative.
  1. There are occasions when staff may wish to be accompanied by a family member. Under these circumstances the family member may act as a support person, but may not represent the staff member, unless the staff member is suffering from an illness and is not able to represent themselves.
  2. Staff may not request legal representation unless they are directly involved in a formal disciplinary process and the University is considering termination of their employment.
  3. The University recognises the important contribution that staff representatives make to employment relations within the University. Training and support will be provided to those staff who fulfill this role, and they will be given adequate time away from their normal role/s to act as a staff representative.


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Title Staff representation
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000656
Purpose To establish the procedures for staff representation
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Delegations
Effective Date 1 Apr 2019
Next Review Date 1 Apr 2024
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
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