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This policy document is currently under review to reflect The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026, which came into effect on 5 December 2023. Until this has been reviewed, the new Enterprise Agreement will take precedence over the provisions outlined in this document.

Procedure: Staff representation training


To inform staff as to the procedures involved in Representation Training.


  1. The framework for staff consultation at the ANU is provided for in the Staff consultation and organisational change policy.
  2. A staff member and/or union representative may be granted a leave of absence to undertake training or attend authorised national union conferences, subject to:
  • provision of reasonable notice,
  • the operating requirements of the University, and
  • the scope, content and level of training being appropriate for the staff member's role representing other staff and enhancing productive relationships and working arrangements.
  1. Leave of absence will be paid at the staff member's ordinary pay, excluding shift and overtime payments.
  2. The University will provide appropriate time release arrangements for University staff who are official union representatives to attend to recognised union business.


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Title Staff representation training
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000657
Purpose To inform staff of the procedures involved in staff representation training.
Audience Staff, Staff-Academic, Staff-Academic-Research, Staff-Professional
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Staff & Career Development
Effective Date 15 Oct 2018
Next Review Date 30 Jun 2024
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority: Work Health & Safety Act 2011
Delegations 0

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