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Procedure: Home garaging


To govern the principles and procedures associated with the home garaging of University motor vehicles.


  1. Where there is an operational need for a general fleet vehicle to be garaged off campus at the home of a staff member, the vehicle may be assigned by a senior manager (as a minimum a School or Service Division Director) to a designated driver with the prior approval of the Director, Human Resources.

Forms and notification

  1. An application for home garaging form must be completed and authorised by the delegate and placed on the applicant’s personnel file; and
  2. An email must be sent to University Fleet Services advising of the delegate’s approval.

Provision of vehicle for home garaging

  1. A vehicle provided for home garaging can only be driven by the staff member to which the vehicle has been allocated and can only be used to drive to and from work. There are no other private usage rights provided except where approved by the Director, Human Resources.
  2. The staff member will be allocated a vehicle at the close of business each day. The vehicle will be used only for transport to and from the staff member’s usual place of residence. The vehicle must be returned to the vehicle pool at the start of each day.
  3. If the vehicle normally provided to the staff member is not available a suitable alternative vehicle will be supplied, or if possible, other arrangements made. When the vehicle is required for a prior vehicle pool booking the vehicle must be made available in a timely manner.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

  1. The delegate should note that the provision of home garaging might result in an FBT liability being incurred by the local area, and a reportable fringe benefit being incurred for the staff member.


  1. A vehicle log book entry must be made for all trips associated with home garaging arrangements.

Motor vehicle insurance

  1. Motor vehicle insurance provided by the University extends to official use and travel to and from work only. Members of staff who fail to observe University policies, permitted uses, and reasonable care and control will be deemed to be "self-insurers of the University vehicle in their care" and may be required to bear the cost of any damages which might arise from their actions.

Vehicle security

  1. The staff member must park the vehicle in a secure and protected place at their usual place of residence and must ensure the vehicle is kept locked when not in use.


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Title Home garaging
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Purpose To govern the principles and procedures associated with the home garaging of University motor vehicles
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Effective Date 1 Sep 2020
Review Date 1 Sep 2025
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