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Procedure: Procurement probity


To inform staff of the probity framework for purchasing goods and services with University funds.


Tender Process (EOI/RFP/RFT)

  1. The Delegate authorising a tender process is responsible for ensuring the University:
  1. gives all Tenderers the opportunity to make an offer on the same terms;
  2. does not provide misleading information;
  3. identifies and addresses any actual or perceived conflict of interest arising as a result of the tender process;
  4. conducts the tender process with due regard given to the principle of confidentiality;
  5. assesses offers fairly and consistently and in accordance with the criteria in the request documentation; and
  6. adheres to the published conditions of the request documentation, particularly in regard to the evaluation process.

Probity Advice/Risk Assessment

  1. If the tender process relates to a:
  • procurement project greater than $20 million;
  • procurement project where there is a possible conflict of interest; or
  • a project identified by the Vice Chancellor, Finance Committee or ANU Council.
  1. A full risk assessment should be undertaken and consideration given to the appointment of an independent probity advisor through consultation with the Corporate Governance and Risk Office.
  1. A Risk Register must be prepared for all tender processes. Please refer to the Procurement Handbook for further details.

Probity Documentation

  1. A Probity Plan must be completed for all tender processes and included in the documentation reviewed by the Delegate that is responsible for the tender process. For further details please refer to the Procurement Handbook.

Further guidance:

  1. Detailed guidance in relation to Probity and Procurement is available in the Procurement Handbook.

Delegations relevant to this procedure

  • 000240: Finance Delegation: Authority to call for and accept tenders (University-wide - including exemptions from tendering), limited or public, in line with University policies and procedures.
  • 000241: Finance Delegation: Authority to call for and accept tenders, limited or public, up to $1m University-wide (excluding exemptions from tendering), in line with University policy and procedures


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Title Procurement probity
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000680
Version 6
Purpose To inform staff of the probity framework for purchasing goods and services with University funds
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Finance - Purchasing
Effective Date 19 May 2011
Review Date 30 Jun 2019
Responsible Officer: Chief Financial Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Finance and Business Services
Authority: Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
Australian National University Act 1991
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