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Procedure: Bicycle management


To inform all persons riding or storing bicycles on campus of bicycle management around campus and within buildings.



  1. This procedure describes acceptable cycling behaviour at The Australian National University (ANU) and provides information on managing bicycle safety and storage across the campus and within buildings at ANU.
  2. ANU has developed this procedure to ensure the safety of all campus users (staff, students, contractors and visitors) - cyclists and non-cyclists. The priorities are:
  • encouraging responsible and courteous behaviour of all commuters around the campus
  • adherence with the ACT local road rules
  • providing facilities and routes that are cycling friendly and
  • eliminating hazardous bicycle traffic and storage from buildings and surrounds.


  1. Responsibilities for people dealing with bicycles are listed below.

Director (or nominated representative)

  1. The Director's (or nominated representative's) responsibilities include:
  • encouraging bicycle safety management issues within their area of control
  • providing additional management advice/control as necessary
  • addressing non-conformance issues with the relevant people.

Note. Nothing in this Procedure prevents Directors or their representatives from establishing stricter rules for managing bicycles within their area of responsibility, after consultation with the local OHS Committee, Health and Safety Representative and a cyclist representative.


  1. Cyclists within ANU shall:
  • ride according to the road rules when on the ANU Campus
  • wear a helmet when riding
  • alert pedestrians (e.g. sound their bell) to avoid collisions
  • ride in a predictable manner or in a way that is visible to other commuters
  • maintain a functional and legal bicycle, including the use of front and rear lights when riding at night


share paths, roads and shared zones with pedestrians and motorists (warning - pedestrians have the right of way)

  • obey ‘cyclist dismount' signage in congested areas

Warning: ACT Road Rules prohibit riding across a pedestrian crossing. Extra caution is required when crossing roadways. Please be mindful that other uses may not see you, may react slowly or may be uncertain of your intentions.

  • use well illuminated routes when moving around at night

See: Lighted paths map

  • secure their bicycle within a bicycle enclosure or on the bicycle racks provided.

Warning. Cyclists must not position their bicycles against handrails, traffic signs, other objects, or in disabled access areas, ramps, or locations where doing so could inconvenience other campus users - such positions are inappropriate or dangerous and the bicycle may be removed.

  1. More cycling information is available at Campus cycling map, ANU cycling information and


  1. Other commuters within ANU shall:
  • abide by the road rules when on the ANU Campus
  • be vigilant of other commuters
  • observe a safe speed, and never exceed the University campus speed limit (40 km/h).

ANU Parking and Security Officers

  1. Under the ANU Parking and Traffic Statute ANU Parking and Security Officers are authorised to:
  • enforce all cyclist traffic matters
  • remove or relocate inappropriately or hazardously positioned bicycles.

Note. Removed bicycles are considered lost property. To reclaim a bicycle which has been seized contact ANU Security.

Rules for bicycle storage

  1. The University provides bicycle enclosures and bicycle racks for the safe storage of bicycles. These bicycle facilities should be the first option when storing bicycles. To access the nearest enclosure, contact the local administrating person or

Note: local procedures should be consulted regarding the management of the enclosure.

  1. No bicycle shall be positioned against handrails, traffic signs, other objects, or in disabled access areas, ramps, or locations where doing so could inconvenience other campus users.
  2. All student bicycles must be stored in assigned bicycle storage areas or external to the building.

For Staff only

  1. Where no bicycle storage is easily accessible, bicycles may be stored within a building, but:
  • must not be located in hazardous or restricted areas (e.g. laboratories, workshops, plant rooms)
  • must not block escape routes or hinder the egress from the building (e.g. corridors, stairwells, doorways, disabled access, walkways or ramps)
  • must not be within public areas (e.g. foyers, meeting rooms, stairwells)
  • must not block access to essential services (e.g. electrical switchboards, fire extinguishers)
  • may be in an individual's office if they are the sole occupant, or
  • may be in shared office space, by agreement of the room's occupants

Note: safe access/egress within offices must be maintained at all times.

  • no more than one bicycle per room occupant.
  1. If a cyclist's office is located above ground floor level, they should use the elevator in preference to the stairs. Special care should be taken when passing other people on the stairs or when wearing shoes with cleats.

Resolving disputes

  1. Raise any disputes regarding bicycles with the relevant Director (or nominated representative). The Director may forward safety issues to the local OHS Committee for consideration and advice.


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Title Bicycle management
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_000703
Version 3
Purpose To provide information on ACT and University road rules and regulations when riding bicycles on campus, and including the security and storage on bicycles on campus and within University buidlings
Audience Staff, Students
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Buildings & Grounds - Gardens & Grounds
Effective Date 18 Sep 2012
Review Date 30 Sep 2015
Responsible Officer Director, Human Resources
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division