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Guideline: Associate Deans (Higher Degree Research) Roles and Responsibilities


To set out the role and responsibilities of the Associate Dean (HDR).


This document should be read in conjunction with the Research Awards Rules.


  1. Each ANU College has an academic staff member who can fulfil the roles and functions outlined below. This position may be titled Associate Dean or Sub-Dean (Higher Degree Research or Postgraduate Training) and the appointee exercises the delegations of the Delegated Authority under the Research Awards Rules for higher degree research (HDR) candidature but not thesis examination which is the responsibility of the Education Dean. The primary function of this position is to drive the HDR agenda within Colleges.
  2. The Associate Dean (HDR) works closely with the Education/College Dean; the Education Committee of the College; the administrative staff who deal with HDR issues; Conveners of Graduate Research Fields in the College and in other Colleges which share Graduate Fields; and HDR students in the College.
  3. Associate Deans (HDR) have an awareness of all relevant legislation and policies. They will develop performance measures for the entire HDR program they are responsible for, and will regularly report on these to their Education/College Dean and the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Graduate Studies). This will include such information as completion rates and time to completion.
  4. The Associate Dean (HDR) is an ex officio member of the College Education Committee. More specifically, the Associate Dean (HDR) has the following responsibilities:
  • Co-ordination of regular meetings for all Graduate Research Field Conveners within their College; and
  • Driving suggestions on strategy and innovation to the University Education Committee, which will retain the principal responsibility for policy development.
  1. Education and Training of HDR Students

  • Overseeing the education and training of HDR students in the College
  • Organising the College induction program for new HDR students
  • Ensuring suitable supervision for students
  • Facilitating academic development of HDR students
  • Ensuring the provision of website resources for HDR students
  • Facilitating professional development, including teaching experience of HDR students
  • Monitoring candidature of HDR students, including quality of research experience (e.g. PREQ and ANUDEQ)
  • Advising students of HDR policy
  • Liaising with the person responsible for graduate coursework within their College
  • Documentation of College policy and process and how they will affect the HDR students
  • Reporting to the Dean on the above matters
  1. Cross-College HDR issues
  • Liaising on issues of student progress, management and finances, with any other relevant Associate Deans (HDR) where student supervisory panels cross two or more Colleges and when Graduate Fields are in two or more Colleges
  1. Overseeing Conveners and Graduate Research Fields
  • Co-ordinating the selection, appointment, induction and training of Conveners of Graduate Research Fields, when the Convener is located within their College
  • Monitoring the Graduate Research Fields in their College and making recommendations to the Dean on the trends in fields
  1. Meeting targets
  • Developing the HDR recruitment and retention strategy in the College
  • Working with Heads of Areas and the Education/College Dean to ensure the College meets or exceeds the minimum HDR targets

Funding and Scholarships

  • Ensuring College HDR web information is up to date
  • Overseeing the application process
  • Overseeing the ranking of applicants for the scholarship rounds
  • Managing the funding arrangements for scholarships
  • Negotiation across Colleges for scholarships for students
  • Informing the College of other scholarship sources of funding
  • Reporting and management of each student's scholarship arrangements
  • Management of the funding arrangements for Graduate Research Field Conveners
  • Management of research and fieldwork funding for HDR students
  • Monitoring the minimum response policy guidelines
  1. Pastoral Care
  • Promoting well-being of HDR students
  • Arranging regular social events for College HDR students
  • Managing grievances, including referral to another party, and then supporting as appropriate
  • Providing at least annual opportunities for HDR students within the College to share experiences


[1] In some Colleges, there may be more than one academic staff member with responsibility for exercising delegations under the Research Awards Rules.


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Title Associate Deans (Higher Degree Research) roles and responsibilities
Document Type Guideline
Document Number ANUP_000721
Version 5
Purpose To set out the role and responsibilities of the Associate Dean (HDR)
Audience Staff-Academic-Research
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Teaching & Learning
Effective Date 1 Jan 2012
Review Date 15 Nov 2014
Responsible Officer Dean, Higher Degree Research
Approved By: Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training)
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