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Guideline: Australian Research Council - Federation Fellowships


To inform staff of the Australian Research Council Federation Fellowships.


  1. The Australian Research Council's (ARC) Federation Fellowships are a major initiative arising from the Governments 29 January 2001 statement, Backing Australia's Ability: an innovation action plan for the future.
  2. Federation Fellowships are prestigious awards designed to provide internationally competitive salaries that will support and encourage outstanding Australian and international researchers to work in Australia. These Fellowships play key roles in establishing the Australian research agenda in their area of research expertise and may be in a position to support and promote the work of centres, mentor staff and students, and help build international links. The ARC selection criteria for Federation Fellows may vary from year to year.
  3. Federation Fellowships are available for tenure at Australian higher education institutions and Australian research organisations that are funded primarily for research from State or Commonwealth Government sources. Individual researchers with both continuing and non-continuing appointments are eligible to apply. Directors of research centres, including ARC special research centres and key research centres, are also eligible to apply, but if successful must relinquish their positions prior to taking up a Fellowship. Sometimes it will be necessary to clarify the relationship a former Director may wish to have with the relevant research centre.
  4. Where successful applicants are associated with successful ARC Centres of Excellence applications, the ARC will negotiate arrangements with the administering institution to ensure that there is an appropriate relationship between Fellowship and Centre functions.
  5. The ARC specifies that a Fellow's principal duty is to undertake research but also to have some role within the host department or institution of a research-related nature but not including a major role in administration. Research-related activities could include supervision of postgraduate students, but do not include a major role in administration.
  6. Successful applicants must relinquish their existing positions before taking up the award and are expected to work full-time on research and research-related activities.

Management of Federation Fellowships at ANU

  1. The ANU actively encourages outstanding Australian and international researchers, including existing staff, to apply for the award of a Federation Fellowship.
  2. Under the terms of the Federation Fellowship Award, outlined above, a person offered a Fellowship must resign from their present position before taking up their appointment and may not accept additional appointment or remuneration during the term of their Fellowship without the prior agreement of the Minister.
  3. The University understands that the intention of the ARC is that a Fellow not be employed in any other paid position, nor undertake non-ARC approved duties, during the course of the Fellowship.
  4. However, the ANU and the Fellow may negotiate separately the nature of any employment that follows the termination of the Fellowship. The decisions about whether to make an offer to employ the person beyond the Fellowship and to subsequently offer a contract will be at the discretion of the relevant Dean or Director.


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Title Australian Research Council - Federation Fellowships
Document Type Guideline
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Version 3
Purpose To inform staff of the Australian Research Council Federation Fellowships
Audience Staff-Academic-Research
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Remuneration & Benefits
Effective Date 3 May 2012
Review Date 31 Dec 2017
Responsible Officer Director, Human Resources
Approved By: Director, Human Resources
Contact Area Human Resources Division

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