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Guideline: Flexitime


A guideline on the use of formal flexitime arrangements (flexible working hours).


  1. Flexitime arrangements may be adopted subject to the agreement of the Delegate having authority to regulate such arrangements. Such arrangements must be consistent with the operating requirements of the work area. Not all work areas will lend themselves to flexitime.

Management of Flexitime

Variable and Core Hours

  1. The Delegate determines the variable and core times. Variable time is the time when staff members may exercise flexibility; core time is the time when all staff members are normally required to be present at work. Approval of the Supervisor must be sought by the staff member to be absent during core times.

Accounting Period

  1. The accounting period will normally be 4 working weeks in which a total of 140 hours must be worked.
  2. Agreement must be documented and records kept of start and finish times.

Credit and Debit Hours

  1. Any hours worked in excess of the prescribed number of hours are known as credit hours. Conversely, any hours worked short of the prescribed number of hours are known as debit hours.
  2. Subject to local area manager, credit/debit hours may be carried over to the next accounting period subject to a maximum of 2 days. Subject to local area manager, the maximum debit allowed in any accounting period is 2 days.
  3. Leave taken for part of a day is recredited in terms of hours and minutes within the standard work hours timetable.


  1. The Delegate may review arrangements from time to time.


  1. Your Business Manager or HR Manager


Printable version (PDF)
Title Flexitime
Document Type Guideline
Document Number ANUP_000741
Version 5
Purpose A guideline on the use of formal flexitime arrangements (flexible working hours).
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Employment of Staff
Effective Date 16 Jul 2015
Next Review Date 31 Jan 2024
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: Chief People Officer
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority: ANU Enterprise Agreement 2017 – 2021
Delegations 0

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