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Procedure: Carers' career development assistance fund


To provide procedures for the Carers' Career Development Assistance Fund.



  1. The University recognises that many staff have caring responsibilities that may limit their access to opportunities for the development of their careers.
  2. Caring responsibilities mean a person’s responsibilities to care for dependent children, an elderly parent, or a family member with a disability.
  3. The Carers’ Career Development Assistance Fund is for staff with caring responsibilities who require support to participate in activities that contribute to their careers, including, but not limited to, significant national or international conferences, workshops or symposia, whether online or in-person
  4. Grants under the fund are for reasonable costs where existing care arrangements are not available and alternative care is required in order for the staff member to participate in the event.

Funding limit and types of costs covered

  1. Grants are up to a maximum of AUD$2000 and are for costs related to alternative care including:
  • childcare costs for dependent children;
  • care costs for dependents other than children, or
  • airfares for the dependent to accompany the staff member.
  1. Grants are not for existing childcare or other related costs of caring.
  2. Awarded funds must be exhausted within 12 months from the date of successful notification.


  1. To be eligible to apply applicants must:
  • be an existing staff member employed either full-time or part-time on permanent or fixed term appointment, with the event falling within their employment period, and
  • have achieved at least satisfactory work performance as evidenced by their Performance and Development Review (PDR), and
  • not have received a previous grant under the fund in the current calendar year.


  1. There will be three rounds per year for applications under the Carers’ Career Development Assistance Fund.
  2. Applicants will complete the Application Form and submit to Culture & Development (People & Culture Division) prior to the event.
  3. Applications submitted after the event will not be considered.
  4. The application is accompanied by the following:
  1. details of the national or international conference, workshop or symposia to be attended, and role at the event (eg. invitation to present, confirmation of registration or conference program);
  2. evidence of reasonable costs for care, alternative arrangements considered and existing care arrangements;
  3. supervisor’s statement of support for attendance at the activity – conference, workshop, symposium or other career development activity – including confirmation of participation in the current year PDR cycle; a PDR performance rating of satisfactory or better; and how the event will contribute to the applicant’s career development;
  4. an abridged version of current curriculum vitae (CV) (maximum two pages); and
  5. Director or General Manager’s statement confirming the importance and relevance of the event to research or other business priorities of the College, School or Division.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
  1. whether the activity – conference, workshop, symposium or other career development activity – is at a national or international level;
  2. the role of the applicant at the conference, workshop, symposium or other career development activity, eg whether the applicant will be presenting a paper (Note: it is expected that academic applicants would be attending a conference to present);
  3. whether the attendance will contribute towards the development of the applicant’s career;
  4. whether the application is reasonable taking into consideration the existing care arrangements; other possible care arrangements considered; why proposed alternative care arrangements are necessary; and cost of proposed alternative care arrangements;
  5. previous funding received from this fund for care support;
  6. other local, national, and international fora attended; and
  7. overall funding availability.

Assessment Process

  1. Applications will be assessed by a Committee, nominated by the Chief People Officer , considering the gender balance and consisting of:
  • DVC (Academic), Office of the Vice-Chancellor ( Chair)
  • a minimum of one academic staff (membership to rotate on a two yearly basis)
  • a minimum of one professional staff (membership to rotate on a two yearly basis)
  1. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application, via email, as soon as is practicable.


  1. Grants will be paid via the Finance system as a reimbursement. Any reimbursement over AUD$300 may trigger a FBT liability which will be considered on a case by case basis.
  2. Original receipts must be submitted with the Reimbursement Form for authorisation of payment by the delegate.


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Title Carers' career development assistance fund
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Purpose To provide procedures for the Carers' Career Development Assistance Fund.
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Topic/ SubTopic Equity & Diversity - Work & Life Balance
Effective Date 20 Feb 2020
Next Review Date 31 Dec 2023
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
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Authority: The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026
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