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Policy: Motor Vehicle Acquisition


This document informs staff of the requirements for purchasing University motor vehicles.


This policy provides the guiding principles associated with purchasing University motor vehicles.


This policy applies across the University.

Policy statement


  1. All ANU motor vehicles are leased. Purchase of a vehicle requires the approval from the delegate of the business area and the University Procurement and Contracts Office (UPCO).
  2. University motor vehicles are purchased through the Commonwealth Fleet Management arrangement unless the authorised delegate approves purchases outside the arrangement.
  3. University motor vehicles acquired through the Commonwealth Fleet Management arrangement are exempted from procurement threshold requirements.
  4. All University motor vehicle acquisitions are arranged through UPCO.
  5. A motor vehicle entitlement included in an employment contract is accessed through one of the options detailed in the Motor Vehicle Acquisition procedure.


Printable version (PDF)
Title Motor vehicle acquisition
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_001230
Purpose To govern the principles and procedures of the acquisition of motor vehicles purchased on behalf of the Australian National University.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Finance - Purchasing
Effective Date 27 Sep 2022
Next Review Date 27 Sep 2027
Responsible Officer: Chief Financial Officer
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Finance and Business Services
Authority: Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
Delegations 000157, 000159, 000220, 000227, 000228

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