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Procedure: Official sponsorships


To provide for official sponsorship of students at the University.


The Notification of Sponsorship form

  1. A student submits a completed Notification of Sponsorship form to the Student Finance Office, prior to the commencement of their program to register an Official Sponsorship with the University. A Notification of Sponsorship form is not accepted if the census date has passed.
  2. Students who are Commonwealth supported complete a Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form by the census date of their course(s).
  3. The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) amount being covered by the sponsor is clearly indicated on the Notification of Sponsorship form. The sponsor should note that the policy premium varies according to whether the student requires single, family or program length cover.
  4. In the absence of an official stamp or seal, the sponsor submits a brief note of Intention to Pay written by the sponsor on their official letterhead. This letter accompanies the completed Notification of Sponsorship form.
  5. Students notify the Student Finance Office immediately if the official sponsorship arrangement changes.
  6. Where a student transfers to a new program or applies for admission to a new program, a new Notification of Sponsorship form is completed. A Notification of Sponsorship form is only valid for the program or course(s) listed on that form.
  7. The Notification of Sponsorship form is available at:

Invoicing and payment

  1. Sponsors are invoiced by email each semester, trimester or session, directly by the University, for the fees and charges covered by the agreed sponsorship(s). Payment is required in Australian Dollars within the time period specified on the invoice. The sponsored student is not able to see this invoice on Interactive Student Information System (ISIS).
  2. Sponsored students are responsible for ensuring that all fees are paid on time.
  3. If all fees for the current teaching period are not paid by the last day of the session, the student will not be:
    1. able to obtain results;
    2. permitted to enrol for any further study; or
    3. permitted to graduate until the outstanding debt is paid in full.
  4. The University reserves the right to cancel a student’s enrolment because of the non-payment of fees.
  5. Refunds are returned to the sponsor.
  6. The Notification of Sponsorship form is not completed by the sponsor if a sponsor makes payments directly to the student as it is not an official sponsorship.

Reviewable Decisions and Appeals

  1. The University reserves the right to decide whether a Notification of Sponsorship application is accepted. The decision of the Registrar, Division of Student Administration, is final and there is no right of appeal.


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Title Official sponsorships
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_002605
Version 11
Purpose To provide for official sponsorship of students at the University.
Audience Students
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Students - Finance & Fees
Effective Date 21 Dec 2018
Review Date 21 Dec 2021
Responsible Officer: Registrar, Student Administration
Approved By: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Contact Area Division of Student Administration and Academic Services

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