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Procedure: Student fee collection and debt management


To provide authoritative guidance on the management of outstanding Student Debt.


Student Fee Collection

  1. The following payment options are available for payment of student fees and charges invoiced via the Student Campus Solutions System:
  • On Line payment through the ISIS portal (Credit Card payments only)
  • Over the counter at Student Cashiering Services. Accepted payment methods are Credit and Debit Cards, Cheques and Bank Drafts. Cash payments are not accepted.
  • Via the Travelex payment gateway. Payment instructions are provided on student offer letters
  1. Student fees office is responsible for reconciling the Cashiers daily takings with the Student System Receipts.
  2. Accounting Operations is responsible for reconciling daily banking with the accounting entries generated via the Student System.
  3. Student Cashiering Services banking appears as cashiering ID 26 on the bank statement.
  4. To ensure data integrity and efficiency of the bank reconciliation process, cheques and drafts received in any one day should be banked separately and not co-mingled with payments received on other days. Separate deposit slips should be used to ensure that the amount appearing in the bank statement reconcile with journal entries created by the Student system.
  5. Student cashiering Services also accept some miscellaneous payments such as payment for transcripts, Dean’s Certificates and “Bricks” (Course Reading Material). These payments are credited directly to revenue do no impact accounts receivable.

Debt Management – International Students

  1. Invoicing and management of international student debt must comply with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act.
  2. Student Invoices are due for payment by the third Friday after the start of a Semester.
  3. Students, who do not pay by the due date, will incur a late fee and be sent a notice to pay the outstanding fees and penalty within 20 working days from the date of the letter.
  4. The Student Fees and Scholarships Office emails College Administrator requesting information about students that are about to be cancelled. If we have had correspondence with the student we do not ask the college for further information.
  5. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the student’s enrolment is cancelled and a letter advising of the cancellation is sent to the student. However the debt is not extinguished. The student is still required to clear the outstanding liability.
  6. Student fees will also advise the Academic Standards and Quality Office (ASQO) of the cancellation.
  7. ASQO is required to notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship of all International Student enrolment cancellations within five working days.

Debt Management – Domestic Students

  1. Fee Help applications are stored within the Student campus Solutions System. A fee Help determination process automatically flags and defers the debt pertaining to those students who have submitted a Fee Help application.
  2. Non Fee Help students who have not paid their fees by census date are charged a late fee and sent a notice to make payment within 2 weeks of the intention to cancel letter.
  3. If payment is not received by the revised date, the student’s enrolment is cancelled. However the debt is not extinguished. The student is still required to clear the outstanding liability.
  4. For non-standard courses, because the census date must be after expiry of at least 20% or more of the course duration, due dates for invoice payments vary. The cancellation and debt management processes, however, remains as above.

Debt Write Off

  1. Once every calendar year the Student Fees and Scholarships Office review an aged debtor report for all fees outstanding for the previous academic years. Recommendation for write off is made by the Manager Student Fees and Scholarships Office.
  2. All debt write off must be approved in accordance with the Schedule of Financial Delegations.

Debt Management – Withholding of Services

  1. Notwithstanding that any debt may have been written off in accordance with the procedures outlined above, students who have an unpaid debt to the University will have their account flagged indicating a delinquent debt.
  2. The University will withhold all services to such students, including the issue of transcripts, the ability to graduate, or reenrol until any outstanding amounts are settled in full.


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Title Student fee collection and debt management
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_003401
Version 4
Purpose To provide authoritive guidance on the University's Student Fee Collection and Debt Management process.
Audience Students
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Finance - Payments
Effective Date 9 May 2013
Review Date 7 May 2016
Responsible Officer: Chief Financial Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Finance and Business Services
Authority Australian National University Act 1991

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