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Guideline: Lost property


This document supports an efficient and effective lost property management system. To establish processes to ensure accountability and transparency of process and coordinate the retrieval, storage and disposal of items found on the ANU Campus.


  1. The lost and found office is located with the Facilities & Services Division (F&S), #124 Innovations Building (entrance from Garran Road). Email:
  2. All found items will be processed by F&S administrative staff
  3. In accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act 1996 administrative staff will record the found item in the database. ID numbers will be generated automatically
  4. Close of business each day found items will be posted on social media using twitter
  5. Proof of ownership must be provided when claiming a lost item
  6. Passports will be immediately passed onto Security, who will deliver them to the police station
  7. Student cards are delivered by Security to Student Administration, 121 Marcus Clarke Street
  8. Large items such as bicycles will be tagged and the serial number noted by security. The item will be stored by Security
  9. Abandoned bicycles will be managed by Security
  10. Abandoned motor vehicles will be managed by the parking office.

Disposal of items found:

  1. Items will be kept for three (3) months. If the item has not been collected within this period, Security will dispose of the item as follows:
  2. All books will be delivered to student services for reallocation to students
  3. USBs will be wiped clean and delivered to student services for reallocation to students
  4. All electronic cords/adaptors etc. will be delivered to student services for reallocation to students
  5. All other items will be delivered to charity.


Printable version (PDF)
Title Lost property
Document Type Guideline
Document Number ANUP_006005
Version 4
Purpose To provide guidelines in respect to the management of lost and found property at ANU
Audience Staff, Students, Affiliates
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Buildings & Grounds
Effective Date 12 Jul 2017
Review Date 12 Jul 2020
Responsible Officer: Director, Facilities and Services
Approved By: Director, Facilities and Services
Contact Area Facilities and Services

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