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Policy: Scholarships (coursework)


To articulate the University’s principles and policies for coursework scholarships.


This policy sets out principles and policies for the establishment, award and administration of coursework scholarships.


All coursework students, and academic and professional staff involved in scholarship matters.


Award is the payment or benefit made on the basis of criteria established by the University. An award includes prizes, scholarships, bursaries, student grants and ANU Awards.

Scholarship is an award made in recognition of merit, service or for reasons of equity that carries conditions for further study and/or commitment. May be paid directly to the student or may be paid also to directly offset tuition, other fees or living expenses.

Policy statement


  1. ANU coursework scholarships:
  1. Align with the strategic directions of the University;
  2. Meet the academic standards of the University;
  3. Meet legal requirements;
  4. Attract and retain students on the basis of merit and/or equity;
  5. Have transparent eligibility requirements and selection criteria;
  6. Provide a reasonable contribution towards the costs of studying at the University; and
  7. Are sustainable to manage and monitor.

Scholarship establishment

  1. Any person, group or organisation within or beyond the University may propose the establishment of a scholarship.
  2. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) approves the introduction of all University scholarships and Conditions of Award in alignment with ANU coursework scholarship principles upon the recommendation of the Registrar, Student Administration; Director for Alumni Relations and Philanthropy, the relevant College Head(s) and the Student Administration and Records Office.
  3. The annual minimum value of a scholarship will be approved and reviewed every three years by the University’s Executive.
  4. The University will inform donors about this policy and any other relevant statutes, rules or policies.

Scholarship standards

  1. Scholarship conditions must be consistent with Australian taxation requirements for income tax exemption for the recipient.
  2. All scholarship information will be published on the ANU website, and will include the eligibility requirements and selection criteria, and information on the application and selection process.
  3. All scholarships must be governed by a set of Conditions of Award.

Scholarship applicants and recipients

  1. Applicants must apply through the prescribed process, meet published eligibility requirements and selection criteria (and be available for interview as and if required) to be considered for a scholarship.
  2. Students employed by the University full-time on a continuing basis or a fixed term contract for 12 months or greater will be eligible to apply for a scholarship, but must cease their employment prior to accepting the scholarship.
  3. Successful applicants must agree in writing to Conditions of Award upon accepting the scholarship, and will be assessed at least annually to ensure their continued eligibility.
  4. A coursework student will usually hold only one primary scholarship in any given year.
  5. Scholarship recipients are responsible for seeking taxation advice regarding their own individual circumstances. Scholarships may be regarded as taxable income if a scholar is enrolled on a part-time basis.

Scholarship recognition and acknowledgement of donors

  1. Award of a merit based University scholarship will be recorded on the academic transcript of the recipient;
  2. Details of scholarship recipients must be provided to Alumni Relations and Philanthropy, and to the Student Administration and Records Office annually.
  3. ANU scholarship holders may be requested to participate in publicity of the scholarship and to acknowledge the generosity of donors according to a schedule determined by Alumni Relations and Philanthropy.

Reviewing scholarships

  1. A review of the governance, conditions, number of applications and recipients of a scholarship must be presented to the Academic Quality Assurance Committee every five years. The Committee may trigger a shorter review cycle for particular scholarships on the basis of evidence relating to viability or student experience, or if the scholarship is not offered for a minimum of two years.

Annual report

  1. The Academic Quality Assurance Committee will provide an annual report to Academic Board of scholarships awarded.

Governance and administration

  1. Responsibility for the establishment and management of scholarships is shared between Alumni Relations and Philanthropy, the Student Administration and Records Office within the Division of Student Administration, and the ANU Colleges.
  2. In the event of a dispute over a scholarship or the implementation of this policy the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will determine the appropriate interpretation or resolution.


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Title Scholarship (coursework)
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_007803
Version 4
Purpose To articulate the University’s principles and policies for coursework scholarships.
Audience Students
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Students
Effective Date 18 Dec 2017
Review Date 11 May 2017
Responsible Officer Registrar, Student Administration
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Division of Student Administration