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Policy: Open access


To set out the University policy for enabling open access to knowledge created by members of the University.


The Australian National University is a research-intensive, research-led university. Our commitment to the dissemination of research findings is essential both to differentiate the University’s research excellence and support national and international research excellence.

The University acknowledges that researchers take into account a wide range of factors in deciding on the best outlets for publications arising from their research and teaching.

Open access increases the reach and benefit of research and education to society by facilitating the wide dissemination of knowledge including original research results, scholarly articles, source materials, digital representations of pictorial and graphic materials, and scholarly multimedia materials.

University repositories will contain documents that will be made available via open access and documents that will not be available to the public.


This Policy applies across the University.


Author accepted version means the final, peer reviewed, corrected version of the paper sent by the author(s) for publication.

Education materials means all materials produced by staff in the course of, or for use in, teaching at the University that are intended to be made available to all students in a course (for example, lecture notes and material, syllabi, handouts, study guides, course software and assessment materials), and that are not private or confidential. Education materials could include de-identified student exemplar assessment submissions (that have the student’s approval to be shared). Creative Commons licence may apply to some or all of these materials.

Open access means that materials are freely and permanently available in a digital format, according to principles broadly supported by the academic community for the promotion of knowledge.

Research repository means the University’s online location for collecting, maintaining and disseminating the scholarly output of the University.

Policy statement

Research Outputs

  1. The University requires a copy of the following research outputs to be deposited in the University research repository:
  1. Journal and conference publications, technical reports and other original, substantial works – within 1 year of publication
  2. Open access monographs – within 1 year of publication
  3. Non-open access monographs – within 5 years of publication
  4. Higher Degree by Research student theses – within 1 year of completion
  5. Undergraduate Honours theses receiving a mark of First Class – within 1 year of completion
  1. Access through the research repository will be consistent with the publisher agreements. The Author accepted version can be made accessible via open access immediately. The published version will be made openly accessible in accordance with the publisher agreement.
  2. The University may, pursuant to the Intellectual Property Policy, provide access to research outputs deposited in the University research repository.
  3. Research outputs may be embargoed from open access dissemination by ANU for a finite period of time, based on commercial sensitivity, contractual obligations or confidentiality obligations. Embargoes must be agreed to by the relevant College.
  4. Where Research Student theses include confidential sections or appendices, the entire thesis will be made available, except for any section subject to an embargo as outlined in section 4.
  5. The University does not support the payment of article processing fees or ‘hybrid’ fees (where an individual article is made available through payment of an article processing fee).

Education Materials

  1. In accordance with the University’s role in advancing and transmitting knowledge, educational materials will be made accessible to the widest audience for which they are appropriate.
  2. Educational materials deemed appropriate for broad release after consideration of a range of factors will be made accessible (open access, or to University staff and students only) according to the Education Materials Access Procedure.
  3. In making the decision above, some of the factors to be considered include (but are not limited to) privacy, confidentiality or legal obligations; the likely effect on learning or assessment outcomes; the sensitivity of materials; and the reputation of the University.
  4. The University requires open access publication of:
  1. Information on programs and courses for current and future students;
  2. Course outlines; and
  3. Public events and lectures


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Title Open access
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_008802
Version 5
Purpose To set out the University's policy for enabling open access to knowledge created by members of the University.
Audience Staff- Academic
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Research
Effective Date 1 Aug 2014
Review Date 13 Jul 2017
Responsible Officer: University Librarian and Director, Scholarly Information Services
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area ANU Advancement