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Procedure: Education Materials Access


To facilitate broad access to appropriate ANU education materials, in the interests of disseminating knowledge.


ANU eTEXT means the ANU Press electronic textbook series

ANU Press is the University’s scholarly press

Open Access means materials are freely available in a digital format, according to principles broadly supported by the academic community for the promotion of knowledge

University Access means available in a digital format to all University staff and students


Materials to be accessible

  1. Information on programs and courses for current and future students, course outlines, public events and public lectures will be published via the ANU website, visible to the public.
  2. Historical information may be removed from websites; there is no guarantee of materials remaining publicly available in the long-term.
  3. Textbooks published by the ANU Press.

Disseminating Education Materials

  1. By default, all Education Materials relating to a course are available to the course convenor (or convenors), students enrolled in the course, individuals to whom the convenor gives access, and administrative staff as required.
  2. Education Materials may be approved for broader dissemination (University Access or Open Access) by the Dean of a college or their delegate only on the recommendation of the relevant course convenor.
  3. Course convenors will determine holistically whether broad dissemination is appropriate, including implementing additional procedures or checks. This determination will be undertaken with reference to the Acceptable Use of Information Technology procedure. Education material will not be disseminated broadly if:
  1. The level of access proposed would infringe third-party copyright, due to use of images, text or other materials (noting that rights should be obtained for material to be made openly accessible);
  2. Any information on or created by current or former students is visible, without consent of the student;
  3. It is reasonably foreseeable that the sensitivity of materials may give rise to a potential case of defamation, or breach privacy, or reveal confidential information;
  4. The quality or content of the materials would cause harm to the reputation of the University; or
  5. Release would be prejudicial to the learning outcomes of current or future students.

Removing or Limiting access

  1. The course convenor may remove or limit access to Education Materials at any time and for any reason.
  2. As per the Acceptable Use of Information Technology procedure, the Dean of the college and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) may remove or limit access to Education Materials if they form the opinion that Education Materials are offensive, derogatory, in breach of copyright, confidentiality or privacy obligations, or are otherwise harmful to the University’s reputation. The Dean or DVC (A) may delegate removal or limitation of access to any other staff member.

Research outputs

  1. Education materials that are also research outputs are also subject to the Open Access Research Procedure, and should be deposited in the University’s research repository as appropriate. For avoidance of doubt, student theses are subject to the Open Access Research Procedure, but are generally not considered Education Materials.

ANU Press

  1. The ANU Press publishes textbooks with appropriate peer review and rights management for third party material included in the textbooks.

Who to Contact

For further information on local procedures, contact the Secretary of your College Education Committee or ANU Press.


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Title Education materials access
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_008804
Purpose To facilitate broad access to appropriate ANU education materials, in the interests of disseminating knowlegde
Audience Staff-Academic
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Teaching & Learning
Effective Date 30 Jul 2020
Next Review Date 29 Jul 2025
Responsible Officer: University Librarian and Director, Scholarly Information Services
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Library, Archives and University Records
Authority: Academic Integrity Rule 2021
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