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Guideline: Role of building custodian


The purpose of this guideline is to provide Building Custodians a clear and defined role outlining their responsibilities and expectations.


  1. Act as first point of contact / responsible person for all notifications from the Facilities & Services Division supporting planned or reactive project & maintenance works in line with custodian’s building.
  2. Prior to works commencement, represent the respective building / College occupants to negotiate suitable access approvals and requirements supporting occupant business needs and project and maintenance works delivery.
  3. Advise changes to space and buildings i.e. when space is repurposed from one use to another/change of occupant as well as any changes to the building i.e. removal of walls.
  4. Report all maintenance requests and liaise with the Campus Support (Fix My Campus) team in the Facilities and Services Division to ensure that maintenance is carried out to an agreed standard.
  5. Manage local security and building access arrangements and liaise with Security in Facilities and Services Division.
  6. Influence building and infrastructure projects on behalf of the College, including refurbishment programs and maintenance programs in partnership with the Facilities and Services Division.
  7. Where appropriate, manage bookings for lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and common building facilities on behalf of the building occupants.
  8. Monitor cleaning issues/concerns and liaise with Building Operations in Facilities and Services Division.
  9. Monitor and report on grounds maintenance issues/concerns in the immediate vicinity of the building and advise Landscape and Conservation in Facilities and Services Division of issues/concerns.
  10. On behalf of the building occupants, monitor use of parking space and ensure parking needs of official visitors to the building are met.
  11. In partnership with Facilities and Services Division, monitor energy use and misuse and encourage tenant/occupants to modify behaviour in order to achieve efficient use of waste/recycling and energy conservation issues.
  12. Establish as directed by College/School/Service Division management an Emergency Planning Committee to ensure the facility meets it responsibilities under the ANU Emergency Response Procedure and Chapter 3.5 of the University Work, Health & Safety Management System Handbook.
  13. Please note: Depending on the structure of the College, the Building Custodian and College Facilities Manager/Team Member may be the same person. As a guide, the Building Custodian is a point of contact for a building/s, whereas the College/School Facilities Manager is a formal position within the organisation.

Facilities and Services Contacts

  • Fix My Campus, phone: +61 02 6125 4000 , email:


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Title Role of Building Custodian
Document Type Guideline
Document Number ANUP_010811
Purpose The purpose of this guideline is to provide Building Custodians a clear and defined role outlining their responsibilities and expectations.
Audience Staff
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Buildings & Grounds
Effective Date 28 Oct 2022
Next Review Date 28 Oct 2027
Responsible Officer: Director, Facilities and Services
Approved By: Director, Facilities and Services
Contact Area Facilities and Services
Delegations 0

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