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Procedure: ANU Carshare scheme


To inform University personnel of the procedures for using the ANU Carshare scheme.


Business use means purposes that arise out of, or in the course of, a person’s employment with the University and a Business user means a University employee or High Degree by Research (HDR) student who uses a vehicle for business use.

Driver means both Business users and Private users who register to use a vehicle.

Driver obligations means the terms and conditions applying to a Business user.

External provider means GreenShareCar (GSC) as the party contracted to the University to provide vehicles for the ANU Carshare scheme.

GL charge code means the Business user’s general ledger code which they have authority to use.

GSC smart card is available to any driver to access a vehicle who does not have a University ID card.

Member User Agreement (MUA) means the terms and conditions applying to private use of a vehicle.

Parking bays means designated parking spaces allocated to vehicles on the University’s Acton campus.

Private use means purposes that are not arising out of, or in the course of, a person’s employment and Private user means any University personnel who use a vehicle for Private use.

University personnel means employees, contractors, subcontractors, students, persons of interest and authorised persons who have a current University ID number.

Vehicle means a vehicle provided by the external provider as part of the Carshare scheme.


Registration process

  1. University personnel are required to register to use the ANU Carshare scheme via the designated internet link at This will generate an email with further instructions.
  2. University personnel must hold a valid driver licence and have a minimum of 12 months driving experience to use the scheme. Current probationary and international licences are considered valid driver licences.
  3. The external provider will validate the driver’s licence on registration and may undertake a driver history check.
  4. When a Business user registers to use the scheme, they are required to accept the external provider’s driver obligations.
  5. When a Private user registers to use the scheme they are required to enter into an MUA with the external provider. The MUA outlines applicable terms, conditions, fees and charges. The Private user contracts directly with the external provider and the University is not liable in respect of any private use of the vehicles.

Booking a vehicle

  1. Drivers can make, manage and cancel a booking via the designated internet link at
  2. Drivers with a valid booking can access a vehicle by swiping their University ID card across the card reader fitted to the vehicle. Drivers with a valid University ID number but who do not have a University ID card may use the GSC smart card to gain access to a vehicle. GSC smart cards are obtained by contacting GSC via

Business Use

  1. Business users must allocate a valid GL charge code when booking a vehicle. The driver is responsible for ensuring they are authorised to make the booking against the selected GL charge code. Business users may only book a vehicle for business use.

Private Use

  1. Private users are personally responsible for all aspects of the private use of the vehicle, including any fees and charges associated with that use.
  2. The external provider is solely responsible for the terms and conditions of the MUA.

Driver responsibility

  1. Drivers must comply with driver obligations that are accepted at every booking.
  2. Drivers must inspect vehicles prior to use and report any damage to the external provider on 1300 575 878.
  3. Drivers must maintain a valid driver licence when using a vehicle. Any significant changes to a driver’s licence status or driving record must be reported to the external provider via email to
  4. Drivers must comply with the road rules, including the ANU parking and traffic statute.
  5. Drivers must comply with licensing restrictions. “P” plates are to be supplied by the driver and displayed as required.
  6. In the event of an breakdown, incident and/or accident:
  1. Drivers must stay with the vehicle, when safe to do so.
  2. Drivers must ensure they comply with the external provider’s incident reporting requirements ( Manuals containing the incident reporting checklist and forms for insurance purposes can be found in the vehicle.
  3. Business users must comply with University policy, procedures and guidelines relating to incident reporting and management.
  4. Charges incurred for vehicle repairs or insurance excess relating to Business use will be charged to the Business users GL charge code.
  1. Drivers must refill the vehicle before returning, if the fuel is less than half a tank.
  2. Drivers are personally liable for any incidents attributed to:
  1. the private use of a vehicle;
  2. not holding a valid licence;
  3. the driver being in breach of the road rules, specifically noting those relating to alcohol and drug use; and
  4. the illegal or criminal use of the vehicle by the driver.
  1. Any charges or expenses incurred relating to the private use of a vehicle are the sole responsibility of the Private user.
  2. Vehicles may be driven within ACT and NSW. Business users must ensure they complete a travel approval form in accordance with the University’s Travel policy for travel outside of the ACT.
  3. Drivers must return the vehicle prior to the end of the booking period. The driver is responsible for all fees and charges associated with the late return of a vehicle.
  4. The vehicle is to be locked and unlocked using the card only. Do not lock the vehicle manually.


  1. Vehicles are to be collected and returned to the parking bay specifically allocated to that vehicle.
  2. All vehicles have an ANU authorised parking permit and may be parked, in any authorised, non-reserved parking area on the Acton campus during use.


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Title ANU Carshare scheme
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_013010
Version 4
Purpose To inform staff and students of the procedures for using the ANU Carshare scheme.
Audience Staff, Students-Graduate-Research, Prospective Staff, Staff-Academic, Students, Alumni, Staff-Academic-Research, Students-Undergraduate, Staff-Professional, Students-Graduate
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Travel & Transport - Vehicles
Effective Date 22 Jan 2018
Review Date 1 Feb 2019
Responsible Officer Chief Financial Officer
Approved By: Chief Operating Officer
Contact Area Finance and Business Services

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