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Policy: Recording of teaching activities


To make the content of teaching activities available to students through a variety of mediums.


This policy describes the framework for exposing teaching activities to students who may have differing access requirements.


This Policy applies to all teaching activities scheduled at the University.


Teaching Activity – an instance of a class being taught

Semester –Standard teaching periods Semester 1, Semester 2

Session – Summer session, Autumn session, Winter session, Spring session

Timetable – class timetable

Echo360 - the University supported system for recording of teaching activities

Moodle - the University supported Learning Management System (LMS)

Syllabus Plus Enterprise - the University Central Timetabling System

Policy statement

  1. ANU ensures that students have access to teaching materials through a range of mechanisms that:
  1. Enhance the student learning experience;
  2. Provide additional access to education materials for students;
  3. Enable staff to improve the delivery of their teaching services; and
  4. Ensure compliance with obligations under relevant legislation including disability legislation and the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards)
  1. These mechanisms recognise the diversity of student need and assist in the facilitation of education for:
  1. Students with disabilities
  2. Part-time students
  3. Remote location students
  4. Students catching up on the occasional missed teaching event or clarifying content
  5. Students with a clash in their timetable
  6. Students with English as a second language
  7. Students revising for exams and completing assignments
  8. Students with significant commitments
  9. Non-residential students


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Title Recording of teaching activities
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_013207
Version 2
Purpose To make the content of teaching activities available to students through a variety of mediums.
Audience Staff-Academic, Students
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Teaching & Learning
Effective Date 30 Aug 2019
Next Review Date 11 May 2019
Responsible Officer: Registrar, Student Administration
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Division of Student Administration and Academic Services
Delegations 0
On 9 April 2021, the ANU Council assigned authority to approve academic policy to the Academic Board.