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Policy: Recording of teaching activities


To make the recording of teaching activities available to students enrolled in a program of study; and through appropriate publication enhance the course learning experience of all students in particular those with diverse learning needs and those with unavoidable timetable clashes.

The recording of teaching activities is designed to supplement learning and not designed as a substitute for attendance or participation in scheduled teaching activities.


This policy describes the recording of scheduled teaching activities which when published provide all students (enrolled in the course) with flexible access to essential learning content.


This Policy applies to teaching activities, constituent of an ANU course and represented in the University timetable.


Course – a subject of scholarly study, as defined in the glossary, Policy: Glossary - student policies and procedures

Teaching Activity – an instance of a class being taught, constituent of an ANU course and represented in the University timetable

University timetable – the ANU class timetable, listing the times and venues for teaching activities, as published at Class Timetable

Policy statement

  1. ANU students are expected to engage in their studies, actively participate in learning activities including all class time, independent learning and assessments, and strive to seek depth, breadth and challenge in their learning;
  2. ANU students are expected to attend all scheduled activities for the courses in which they are enrolled, or make equitable and practicable alternative arrangements in consultation with teachers, which may include listening to the recording of teaching activities or reading notes and/or slides.
  3. ANU ensures that students have access to teaching materials through a range of mechanisms that:
  1. Enhance the student learning experience;
  2. Provide additional access to education materials for students;
  3. Enable staff to improve the delivery of their teaching services; and
  4. Ensure compliance with obligations under relevant legislation including disability legislation and the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards)
  1. These mechanisms recognise the diversity of student need and assist in the facilitation of education for:
  1. Students with accessibility requirements
  2. Students who are neurodiverse
  3. Students catching up on the occasional missed teaching event or clarifying content
  4. Students with a clash in their timetable
  5. Students with language backgrounds other than English
  6. Students revising for exams and completing assignments
  7. Students with significant commitments


Printable version (PDF)
Title Recording of teaching activities
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_013207
Purpose To make the content of teaching activities available to students through a variety of mediums.
Audience Staff-Academic, Students
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Teaching & Learning
Effective Date 22 Aug 2023
Next Review Date 21 Aug 2028
Responsible Officer: Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)
Approved By: Academic Board
Contact Area Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)
Delegations 0

Information generated and received by ANU staff in the course of conducting business on behalf of ANU is a record and should be captured by an authorised recordkeeping system. To learn more about University records and recordkeeping practice at ANU, see ANU recordkeeping and Policy: Records and archives management.