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Policy: Academic title - Distinguished Educator


To outline the policy for the appointment of the title Distinguished Educator at ANU.


This policy sets out principles that underpin the appointment and conferring of the title Distinguished Educator and the tenure and expectations related to the title.


This policy applies to all staff seeking appointment as an ANU Distinguished Educator.


The awarding of the title Distinguished Educator is one of a number of mechanisms ANU employs to support, recognise, promote and reward good learning and teaching. Other methods used include: Academic Professional Development programs; the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme; the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education; the ANU Education Grants and the Academic Promotions Policy.

Policy statement

  1. ANU academic staff may be conferred the title Distinguished Educator in recognition of eminence and sustained exceptional performance in relation to teaching and learning.
  2. Full-time or part-time academic staff of the University are eligible for appointment.
  3. An appointment to the title is for a term of up to five years.
  4. The conferral of the title entitles the recipient to an additional remuneration for the period of the appointment (of $10,000 per annum).
  5. Selection for appointments is focused on the recognition of expertise, eminence and sustained achievement in education, as demonstrated through various forms of evidence.
  6. Selection for appointments is based upon merit, as demonstrated through a transparent and rigorous process and consistent with the recognition of equal opportunity.
  7. The appointment is in alignment with University strategy and legislative obligations.
  8. Appointments are subject to a quota of no more than 15 Distinguished Educator appointments at any one time.
  9. The use of the title Distinguished Educator is restricted to those appointed via the procedures associated with this policy and for the term of the appointment.
  10. The Distinguished Educator would belong and contribute to the Institute of Innovation in Higher Education at ANU with the purpose of helping to lead, at a strategic level, innovation in education at ANU. The Institute of Innovation in Higher Education would create a high-profile, highly visibility platform at ANU for Higher Education idea generation, discussion and mentoring. This would include the sharing of innovative practice in higher education and the creation and sharing of resources.


Printable version (PDF)
Title Academic title - Distinguished Educator
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_015209
Version 1
Purpose To outline the policy for the appointment of the title of Distinguished Educator
Audience Staff-Academic
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Teaching & Learning
Effective Date 6 Dec 2016
Review Date 6 Dec 2019
Responsible Officer: Registrar, Student Administration
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Division of Student Administration and Academic Services

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