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Procedure: Academic title – Distinguished Educator


To outline the procedures underpinning the conferral of the academic title Distinguished Educator at ANU.


Distinguished Educator refers to the title appointed to individuals in recognition of their eminence and sustained exceptional performance in relation to teaching and learning.


Application for conferral of Distinguished Educator


  1. Applications for the conferral of the title Distinguished Educator are available to academic staff who hold a full-time or part-time position, whether continuing or fixed term of 24 months or more.
  2. Where the Distinguished Educator Appointment Committee deems appropriate, the Committee may appoint an academic staff member who does not hold a full-time or part-time position.
  3. Applicants must satisfy at least one of the following requirements that qualify as measures of eminence and sustained exceptional performance (noting that these qualifiers are not a guarantee of appointment):
  1. recipient of a national or international teaching excellence award such as an Australian Award for University Teaching or Prime Minister’s University Teacher of the Year; or
  2. a Principal Fellowship (or in special instances Senior Fellowship) within the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme. The applicant should be in good standing within the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme.
  1. Applicants must have a significant and sustained track record in securing external grants focused on educational advancement from national or international sources.
  2. Applicants are able to evidence performance in relation to at least five of the domains listed below (the activities of the applicant would be commensurate with their academic level but there is an expectation for a Distinguished Educator to have achieved a level of distinction in these activities):
  1. Teaching practice
  2. Research-led education
  3. Course and curriculum design
  4. Student-focused teaching
  5. Teaching and learning development and scholarship
  6. Teaching and learning leadership
  7. Education engagement with: government (Australian/International), non-government organisations, business/industry, community organisations, public.
  1. Applicants may request to be considered within specific Early Career and Indigenous Education categories, in line with the University's teaching award schemes. The existence of these categories does not presuppose that awards will be made in these categories each year.

Submission of application

  1. Applications for the award of the title will be submitted to the Distinguished Educator Appointment Committee.
  2. Applications will normally be submitted by 1st February or 1st August, though applicants may be considered outside of these two periods.
  3. Applicants will discuss their proposed application with their supervisor, and inform their Head of School or equivalent.
  4. Applications for promotion will be submitted on an approved University proforma, comprising:
  1. staff member details;
  2. the applicant’s case for appointment with reference to measures of eminence and sustained exceptional performance in education and reference to evidence that denotes distinction in at least five domains listed in paragraph 5: this document would be a maximum of 3 pages; and
  3. a curriculum vitae that may list other significant education achievements and qualifications related to teaching.
  1. The applicant will be invited for an interview by the Distinguished Educator Appointment Committee. Applicants may request that their supervisor or alternate support person attend their interview to observe proceedings and to provide comment if so requested by the College Dean or Committee.
  2. Additional information may be required before a decision can be made. The additional information required will be obtained from the applicant, or other sources. The applicant and their supervisor will be notified if additional information is required.

The Distinguished Educator Appointment Committee

  1. The Distinguished Educator Appointment Committee is constituted by:
  • a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (chair);
  • a Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro Vice-Chancellor who is not the chair;
  • the chair of the Academic Board;
  • four senior educators from across the University; and
  • a Professor, Deputy or Pro Vice-Chancellor that is external to the University.
  1. At least one member of the Committee will have the appropriate skills in equity consideration or an additional member with these skills may be co-opted by the chair.

Communication of outcomes

  1. Applicants will receive written notification of outcome from the Vice-Chancellor.

Privileges and responsibilities of Distinguished Educator

  1. Those who are appointed as Distinguished Educator will:
  1. receive a superannuable loading of $10,000 per annum;
  2. be appointed for a period of five years; and
  3. be appointed as a member of the Institute of Innovation in Higher Education and participate in the Institute’s activities up to 10% FTE (half day a week).

Review or withdrawal of title

  1. ANU reserves the right to review or withdraw the title and any associated privileges and conditions if the Vice-Chancellor deems that the individual:
  1. is no longer contributing sufficiently or in fulfilment of expectations to education activities of the University; or
  2. is no longer employed by the University.


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