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Policy: University services feedback


To outline the University’s principles for handling feedback on University services received through the online feedback form.


The University encourages constructive feedback which is, wherever possible, used to drive the continuous improvement of University services. This policy provides a transparent and consistent approach to the receiving, responding and monitoring of feedback across the University, and seeks to ensure that staff, students and other members of the University community have easy access to a responsive feedback mechanism.


This policy applies to feedback on University services received through the online form from all ANU staff, students, visitors and honorary status holders of the University. This policy specifically excludes instances which are covered by other University policies and legislation, including:


University community includes staff members, students, visitors or honorary status holders.

Feedback is any information, either positive or negative, coming from the University community relating to University services, categorised as:

  • Compliments;
  • Feedback or complaints; or
  • Ideas for improvement.

Where submitted feedback relates to the activities and actions of a third party the University, where reasonable to do so, passes this feedback onto a third party. The University considers if there are any approaches or remediation possible in its interaction with this third party or future third parties in its response, acknowledging this may not be possible in some circumstances.

University services are the systems, tools, people, policies and processes provided by the University which support the delivery of the core business of education and research.

Policy statement

  1. The University encourages constructive feedback on its services, including compliments, suggestions for improvement, and new innovations which are, wherever possible, used to drive the continuous improvement of University services.
  2. The University is committed to providing an efficient and effective system of receiving feedback which is easily accessible to the University community.
  3. Whether feedback is positive or negative, the University community is encouraged to maximise the usefulness of feedback by providing constructive examples and suggestions for improvements that can be used to enhance services.
  4. Feedback must be made in good faith and not with vexatious or malicious intent, and be based on your own perspective. Feedback must be compliant with the University’s Code of Conduct; Discipline Rule; and be free from offensive, degrading or insulting comments. Comments that are personal in nature (including discriminatory or obscene remarks), vexatious or malicious will be disregarded.
  5. Feedback is addressed in a fair and impartial manner.
  6. Information contained within a feedback submission is treated in accordance with the University’s Privacy Policy.


Printable version (PDF)
Title University services feedback
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_017009
Purpose To describe the University’s procedures for receiving, responding to and monitoring feedback on University services received through the University’s online feedback form.
Audience Staff, Students, Affiliates
Category Administrative
Topic/ SubTopic Staff
Effective Date 11 Nov 2022
Next Review Date 11 Nov 2027
Responsible Officer: Director Planning and Service Performance
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Planning and Service Performance Division
Authority: Australian National University Act 1991
Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013
Delegations 0

Information generated and received by ANU staff in the course of conducting business on behalf of ANU is a record and should be captured by an authorised recordkeeping system. To learn more about University records and recordkeeping practice at ANU, see ANU recordkeeping and Policy: Records and archives management.