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This policy document is currently under review to reflect The Australian National University Enterprise Agreement 2023-2026, which came into effect on 5 December 2023. Until this has been reviewed, the new Enterprise Agreement will take precedence over the provisions outlined in this document.

Procedure: ‘In the Practice of’: Alternate academic employment titles


To outline the process underpinning the appointment of ‘In the Practice Of’: Alternate academic positions.


In the Practice of refers to the appointment of applicants that are distinguished professionals, with a non-traditional academic background.

Appointments will help promote the integration of academic scholarship with practical experience. Appointees provide colleges, undergraduate students, and graduate students with an understanding of the practical applications of a particular field of study. Academics of Practice teach courses, advise students, and collaborate in areas directly related to their expertise and experience.



  1. In the Practice of appointments will be made at the academic levels listed below and will align with the following titles:
  • Professor In the Practice of (Relevant Discipline) Level E appointments

  • Associate Professor In the Practice of (Relevant Discipline) Level D appointments

  • Senior Fellow or Senior Lecturer In the Practice of (Relevant Discipline) Level C appointments

  1. In the Practice of’ appointments will be fixed term and can be fulltime or part time.

Criteria for Appointment

  1. In order to be appointed to an ‘In the Practice’ of appointment, an individual must:
  1. Have an eminent and sustained record of peak level leadership, entrepreneurship and influence;
  2. Be widely recognised for their outstanding achievements in industry, business, profession(s) and/or government; and
  3. Demonstrate specialist expertise and a highly developed industry/business knowledge base that matches in breadth and depth, professorial expectations of the University
  1. ‘In the Practice of’ appointments are highly selective to ensure appointees bring distinctive knowledge and skills that would be unavailable to the institution.
  2. ‘In the Practice of’ titles are not mechanisms for promotion for existing University appointees, but are designed to facilitate the recruitment of new experts to the University.

Process for Appointment

  1. Appointing ‘In the Practice of’ positions must follow the University’s Appointments Policy and Procedure.
  2. Standard appointment application requirements apply and applications should also include the following:
  1. Written case for appointment (by Institute Director/Research School Director and/or College Dean) describing the proposed role and contribution to be made by the position prior to recruitment/selection processes being initiated. It is noted that a request may be made at the time of appointment.
  2. Position description for the appointment outlining clear accountabilities and indicators for success.
  1. General duties and responsibilities must be agreed upon in advance between the applicant and the relevant Institute Director/Research School Director and/or College Dean. Duties will typically include teaching and engagement tasks, but may also include involvement in research activities or some combination thereof.
  2. Standard position descriptions based on level of appointment will be utilised as part of the appointment process.
  3. The delegation for In the Practice of appointments is with the Vice Chancellor for Level E appointments and with the College Dean for Level C-D appointments.

Remuneration and Conditions

  1. ‘In the Practice of’ appointees are eligible for academic promotion, in accordance with the Academic Promotions Policy and Procedure.
  2. As all ‘In the Practice of’ appointments will have an equivalent academic level, base salary will be as per relevant ANU Enterprise Agreement salary rates for that academic level.
  3. ‘In the Practice of’ appointee’s employment conditions will be governed by the University's Enterprise Agreement and/or any additional conditions set out in the employment contract.


  1. ‘In the Practice of’ appointee’s will participate in the University’s performance and Development Process (PDP).
  2. Professional activity, teaching and contributions may differ from traditional academic activities, and should be assessed on the basis of professional/industry-specific competencies, intellectual contribution and the total value of the appointee’s engagement with the ANU and wider industry partners.


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