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Procedure: Open Data


To facilitate broad access to ANU research, in the interests of disseminating knowledge.


ANU Data Commons means the ANU data repository

Open Access means materials are freely available in a digital format, according to principles broadly supported by the academic community for the promotion of knowledge



  1. The University is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In keeping with that commitment, it supports the principle that the results of its research which have been publicly funded are freely accessible, and therefore supports its staff in making their research available.
  2. University staff and students are responsible for managing and curating data in accordance with the Open access policy, Ethics guidelines and in accordance with the policies of their research funders.
  3. Data which is the outcome of research at ANU is made openly accessible unless there is a requirement that the data is restricted, for example if it is sensitive or commercial in confidence.

University Responsibilities

  1. The University is responsible for:
  1. disseminating information amongst its academics about the requirements under this policy framework and under policies of the University’s funders in relation to research data;
  2. supporting good data planning in partnership with Information Technology Services through training and its DMPTool, data management planning service;
  3. developing infrastructure and training to promote good practice in data management amongst its academics, to acknowledge its obligations and achieve compliance with this policy framework and with its funders’ data policies;
  4. managing a dedicated website providing guidance for the University’s academics in good data management practice; and
  5. supporting the use of ORCID for researcher identity management.

Staff and Student responsibilities

  1. Academic staff and students are responsible for:
  1. ensuring they have data management policies for their research data;
  2. seeking ethics approval where required;
  3. undertaking appropriate training;
  4. depositing data in an appropriate repository whether it be the National Computational Infrastructure; a college or departmental based solution; a national or international discipline based repository or ANU Data Commons.
  1. Ensuring restricted access meets legal obligation (e.g. non-disclosure agreement), intellectual property protection, ethical approval requirements (e.g. destruction/de-identification of data from human participants), ethical or security reasons, or other legitimate reasons. Such reasons are stated in the metadata description, or in the research article (if the data directly supports a research article).
  2. Ensure that research data and associated records are retained in appropriate repositories (discipline-based or institutional) for as long as the data seems to be valuable to the data creator or to others, or for as long as is required by the funder, institution or by other regulatory requirements.

ANU Data Commons

  1. The following types of data are deposited in the ANU Data Commons:
  1. data that is required to be accessible to support publication
  2. data from research that is undertaken by ANU staff or students that cannot be stored in the National Computational Infrastructure, a College or departmental based solution, a national or international discipline based repository.
  1. Data is deposited using the Data Commons website.

Who to Contact

For further information on local protocols, contact the Open Research team.


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Title Open Data Procedure
Document Type Procedure
Document Number ANUP_6173778
Purpose To facilitate broad access to ANU research, in the interests of disseminating knowledge.
Audience Staff, Students
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Research
Effective Date 31 Jul 2020
Next Review Date 30 Jul 2025
Responsible Officer: University Librarian and Director, Scholarly Information Services
Approved By: Vice-Chancellor
Contact Area Library, Archives and University Records
Authority: Archives Act 1983
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Information generated and received by ANU staff in the course of conducting business on behalf of ANU is a record and should be captured by an authorised recordkeeping system. To learn more about University records and recordkeeping practice at ANU, see ANU recordkeeping and Policy: Records and archives management.