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Policy: Liquor


The purpose of this policy is to inform the University community of its expectations around the sale and consumption of liquor on the ACT campuses. This is to ensure consistent, appropriate and lawful decisions incorporating safe practice and harm minimisation principles and designed to protect staff, students and visitors both individually, and collectively.

This policy is also to assist the delegated decision-maker with information that may minimise the harm associated with the use and misuse of liquor, when tasked with the responsibility of authorising the sale of liquor on campus.


Any decisions made by the University regarding the sale or supply of liquor must not be inconsistent with this policy.

This policy places restrictions on externally funded activities and promotions involving liquor.


This policy applies to:

  • University employees, students, contractors and visitors;
  • University Premises in the ACT.


ACT Liquor Act means Liquor Act 2010 (ACT)

Advertising Guidelines means the Liquor (Responsible Promotion of Liquor) Guidelines 2012 (No 1).

Authorisation means a liquor Authorisation under the ANU Liquor Statute

Authorised Premises means University premises that are subject of a liquor Authorisation [See definition of University premises]

Holder, of a liquor Authorisation, means the entity that holds the liquor Authorisation

Intoxication Guidelines means the Liquor (intoxication) Guidelines 2017 (1)

Limitation includes items to which the Authorisation is subject (date, timeframe, location, etc.)

Liquor has the meaning given by the ACT Liquor Act, section 11

Low-alcohol Liquor means a drink that is not liquor but contains more than 0.5% by volume of ethanol

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) has the meaning given by the ACT Liquor Act, section 193

Sell includes supply for profit, offer for sale, and have in possession for sale, and includes Sale

Supply has the meaning given by the ACT Liquor Act, dictionary

University Building means a building in the ACT that is occupied by the University or an affiliated college and, to remove any doubt, includes University House and the Halls of Residence in the ACT.

University Premises means:

  1. A University Building;
  2. any other premises owned or occupied by the University in the ACT and includes, for example, the grounds of any campus of the University in the ACT; or
  3. any other premises in the ACT in which accommodation is arranged or provided by or on the behalf of the University for, or primarily for, members of staff, or students, of the University; or
  4. any other premises declared to be University Premises by rule or order; or
  5. to remove any doubt, any part of a building or premises mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (d).

Policy Statement

  1. The University acknowledges that the consumption of alcohol occurs at various University events. The University is committed to promote the health, wellbeing and safety of staff, students, contractors and visitors.
  2. The sale and supply of liquor on the ACT campus of ANU is regulated by the ANU Liquor Statute, ACT Liquor Act, and any associated regulations and guidelines.
  3. The sale and supply of liquor on ANU campuses or University Premises outside of the ACT must comply with the liquor laws in that State or Territory.
  4. An Authorisation is provided by the delegated decision maker (delegation 25) who holds the authority to issue Authorisations.
  5. An Authorisation is limited to ANU Staff and ANU entities. Commercially managed spaces and external entities to ANU (including students and student organisations) must apply for a permit or licence under the ACT Liquor Act through Access Canberra with the approval of the University.
  6. An Authorisation will be subject to Limitations, and may include:
  1. work health and safety measures;
  2. security attendance and monitoring;
  3. specified service time and duration, quantity or type of liquor including service of low-alcohol liquor or open and closed containers, availability of food and non-alcoholic beverages;
  4. any other conditions considered necessary or convenient to promote harm minimisation, community safety and environmental protection;
  5. Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA);
  6. Intoxication Guidelines; and/or
  7. Advertising Guidelines.
  1. The delegated decision maker (delegation 25) must consider imposing Limitations on the sale of liquor to ensure that it upholds the ANU Values, policies and procedures.
  2. In making its decision, the delegated decision maker (delegation 25) ensures that sufficient measures have been adopted to safeguard against antisocial behaviour including:
  1. appropriate behaviour towards individuals and/or property; and that there is no offensive, abusive, dangerous or violent behaviour associated with the sale and/or supply of liquor;
  2. participant safety is a priority;
  3. safety controls are thorough, efficiently and effectively implemented to lower risk;
  4. there is minimal disturbance to others; and
  5. bullying, peer pressure or encouragement to consume liquor is expressly prohibited.
  1. All events and functions requiring an Authorisation on University Premises must be approved through the Functions on Campus eForm;
  2. In conducting an event with liquor at University premises, all associated risks are identified and assessed in accordance with Chapter 3.14 Event and Function Safety Management of the University’s Work Health and Safety Management System Handbook;
  3. The sale of liquor through bars in University Buildings (halls of residence and affiliated colleges) must be authorised as determined by the University from time to time, and is subject to any Limitations contained in the Authorisation;
  4. Promotion of events or functions must not encourage unlawful or antisocial behaviour, promote underage drinking, cheap or free liquor or drinking games, or depict external liquor companies, liquor products, liquor trademarks or liquor brands.
  5. Sponsorship agreements with the ANU and its affiliates must not sponsor or accept sponsorship from liquor companies, promote liquor products, advertise liquor trademarks, brands or consumption.
  6. The sale of Liquor at ANU must be consistent with the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). All liquor servers must hold a current RSA certificate obtained through a registered service provider noted within the State or Territory of service.
  7. In accordance with the University’s Fitness for work policy, staff, contractors, students, volunteers and visitors have a responsibility to maintain their personal ‘fitness for work’.
  8. Children and Young People:
  1. It is an offence under the ACT Liquor Act, and a breach of the ANU Liquor Statute to sell or otherwise supply liquor (including low-alcohol liquor) to anyone under the age of 18 on the ANU campus or University premises.
  2. Anyone under the age of 18 may not possess, purchase or consume liquor unless they are undergoing training as provided for in the ANU liquor Statute
  3. The University reports any such breach to the Australian Federal Police.
  1. Compliance:
  1. All members of the University community, including visitors and external contractors must comply with this policy.
  2. ANU Security (UniSafe) has a role in advising the University of breaches of the Statute or this Policy. Non-compliance with an Authorisation or this Policy may result in immediate revocation (verbal and/or electronic) of the Authorisation. A revocation is done in consultation with the relevant Senior Executive, Director or Head of Business Unit.
  3. Written confirmation as to the exact Authorisation or policy breach must be provided to the Authorisation Holder within seven days of revocation.
  4. Non-compliance with an Authorisation or this Policy may be considered misconduct or serious misconduct and be managed under applicable University polices, legislation or the ANU Enterprise Agreement.
  5. Non-compliance by external contractors may lead to termination of their contract.
  1. Alcohol Free Zone:


Printable version (PDF)
Title Liquor policy
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_6738919
Purpose The purpose of this policy is to inform the University community of its expectations around the sale and consumption of liquor on the ACT campuses
Audience Students, Staff
Category Governance
Topic/ SubTopic Health, Safety & Environment
Effective Date 17 Jan 2024
Next Review Date 16 Jan 2029
Responsible Officer: Director, Facilities and Services
Approved By: Director, Facilities and Services
Contact Area Facilities and Services
Authority: Work Health & Safety Act 2011
Delegations 00025, 465

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