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Policy: ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme


The ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme provides educators with internationally accredited professional recognition of their experience and expertise in university teaching by being an accredited subscriber to Advance HE, an independent, non-profit organisation committed to world-class teaching in higher education.


This policy sets out the principles for the awarding of Education Fellowships.


This Policy applies to all ANU staff across the University and to all external applicants to the ANU Education Fellowship Scheme.


AdvanceHE refers to the UK-based charity, Company registration 04931031.

Policy statement

  1. The ANU maintains a subscription to AdvanceHE, which requires reaccreditation through a four-yearly cycle.
  2. The award of Higher Education Fellowships at ANU is:
    1. based upon merit, as demonstrated through a transparent and rigorous process;
    2. consistent with the recognition of equal opportunity; and
    3. focused on the holistic recognition of an applicant’s areas of activity, coreknowledge, and professional values demonstrated against the AdvanceHE Professional Standards Framework.
  3. Successful applicants achieve a level of fellowship commensurate with their submission and accordingly receive a certificate of attainment.
  4. Through a biennial ‘Letter of Good Standing’, Fellows receive acknowledgement of their contribution to Advancing Fellowship and their compliance with the AdvanceHE Fellowship Code of Practice.


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Title ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_6761679
Audience Staff-Academic-Research
Category Academic
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Staff & Career Development
Effective Date 8 Nov 2022
Next Review Date 7 Nov 2027
Responsible Officer: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Approved By: Academic Board
Contact Area Division of Student Administration and Academic Services
Delegations 0

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