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Policy: Remuneration – University Executive


This document sets out the policy for the remuneration of the Australian National University (ANU) Executive.


This policy has been developed in line with the University’s Executive structure and to comply with Senior Officer provisions under the Australian National University Act 1991.


This policy applies to all staff appointed on ANU Executive contracts.


ANU Executive are persons who hold a University executive position, as identified under the ANU Executive Organisational Structure.

Market Benchmarking is the data utilised from the Australian university sector remuneration market surveys and/or other customised research and industry data.

Remuneration package includes the annual salary, leave loadings, allowances and superannuation contributions. It may also include the use of a motor vehicle, as provided under the University’s Motor Vehicle Acquisition Policy.

Policy statement


  1. The ANU is committed to providing a work environment that is fair and equitable, with salary and non-salary benefits and other employment conditions to attract and retain talented staff, having regard to pay conditions and competition within the relevant employment markets and higher education sector.
  2. The determination of remuneration at the University is supported by market benchmarking and a remuneration model based on performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators.


  1. Executive remuneration is determined through comparative remuneration benchmarks and the University's strategic market positioning in relation to other university-sector organisations.
  2. Remuneration and conditions for the employment of the Vice-Chancellor is determined by Council (or the Chancellor on behalf of Council), acting on the advice of the Remuneration Committee.
  3. The Remuneration Committee monitors, reviews and may make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor on the remuneration and conditions for employment of members of the ANU Executive, including:
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Provosts
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Chief Financial Officer
  1. The remuneration arrangements under the University's enterprise agreement do not apply to ANU Executive positions. ANU Executive members and the University are bound by the provisions of the employment contract between them.

Market Benchmarking

  1. An ANU Executive remuneration package is calculated through market benchmarking to ensure the University remains competitive.
  2. The University collects market data for benchmarking against peer Group of 8 universities.
  3. When required to compete beyond the university sector or overseas, the ANU uses general market data to benchmark against organisations with similar context to the University and/or customised research and industry surveys, where necessary.


Printable version (PDF)
Title Remuneration - University Executive
Document Type Policy
Document Number ANUP_6936566
Version 2
Purpose This document sets out the policy for the remuneration of the Australian National University (ANU) Executive.
Audience Staff, Prospective Staff
Category Governance
Topic/ SubTopic Staff - Remuneration & Benefits
Effective Date 9 Feb 2023
Next Review Date 8 Feb 2024
Responsible Officer: Chief People Officer
Approved By: ANU Council
Contact Area Human Resources Division
Authority: Australian National University Act 1991
Delegations 125, 126, 127, 457

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