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Title Type
Information and data classification Standard
Enterprise systems management Standard
Infrastructure security classification Standard
International student education agent management Procedure
Ill health termination Procedure
Carers' career development assistance fund Procedure
Variation to employment Procedure
Long service leave Procedure
Salary sacrificing Procedure
Breastfeeding Procedure
Fraud control Procedure
Electrical safety management Procedure
ANU Carshare scheme Procedure
Motor vehicle disposal Procedure
Individual Contractors Procedure
University legislation Procedure
Public interest disclosure Procedure
Honorary degrees Procedure
International partnerships and agreements Procedure
Provision of first aid services Procedure
Safety in animal houses Procedure
Immunisation Procedure
Re-entry to the university following retirement or redundancy Procedure
Compensation for loss or damage to personal property Procedure
Purchase card Procedure
Student reservist support Procedure
Pest management Procedure
Transfer between registered providers (release letter) Procedure
Conference leave Procedure
Noise management Procedure
Staff representation Procedure
Staff achievement awards Procedure
Academic titles conferral Procedure
Professional staff development endowment fund Procedure
University staff consultative committee Procedure
S Q and D General Ledger Codes Management Procedure
Network operations and domain naming Procedure
Abandonment of employment Procedure
Rehabilitation and compensation Procedure
General principles for accounts payable Procedure
Workforce planning Procedure
Credit and Exemptions Procedure
Nuclear safety Procedure
Student refunds Procedure
Higher degree by research - use of confidential or restricted information in theses Procedure
Official sponsorships Procedure
Criminal record screening for students undertaking clinical placements in health facilities Procedure
Student sanctions Procedure
Student surveys and evaluations Procedure
Rescinding and surrendering of awards Procedure
Academic statements Procedure
Return of Title IV funds Procedure
Noel Butlin archives centre collecting Procedure
Student academic study load and progression Procedure
Indirect Costs of Research and Consultancies Procedure
Pacific research archives collecting Procedure
The Australian National University archives collecting Procedure
Centres and Institutes Procedure
Policy governance Procedure
Higher degree by research - candidature progression Procedure
Tuition fee setting Procedure
Hydrofluoric acid handling Procedure
External project funding and agreements Procedure
Higher degree by research - candidature Procedure
Digitisation Procedure
Work health and safety legal and other requirements Procedure
Prizes Procedure
Work health and safety incident management Procedure
Bring your own device Procedure
Gift fund governance Procedure
Return to work Procedure
Compressed gas cylinder safety Procedure
Licensing of high risk work Procedure
Firearm safety management Procedure
Collection, storage and disposal of human biospecimens in research Procedure
Contractor work health and safety Procedure
Abrasive blasting Procedure
Vacating research facilities Procedure
Gift acceptance Procedure
Pressure equipment safety Procedure
Safety signage Procedure
Laboratory safety Procedure
ARIES Record Establishment and Milestone Management Procedure
Class Summary Procedure
Patch Management Procedure Procedure
Hand and power tool safety Procedure
Workers’ compensation beneficiary trust account Procedure
Background Checking Procedure
Late withdrawal Procedure
Micro-credentials Procedure
Research and Non-Research grants and contracts - revenue recognition Procedure
Course/Class Cancellation Procedure
Managing misconduct, serious misconduct and suspension Procedure
Academic promotion Procedure
Sessional academic conditions Procedure
Payment of salary increments Procedure
Review of decisions Procedure
Annual leave Procedure
Probation Procedure
Classification of professional staff positions Procedure
Temporary transfer and higher duties Procedure
Redundancy and severance Procedure
ANUP_6044988 'In the Practice Of': Alternate Academic Titles Procedure
Fellowship Procedure
Credit note Procedure
Motor vehicle home garaging Procedure
Procurement probity Procedure
Motor vehicle acquisition Procedure
Insurance Procedure
Student fee collection and debt management Procedure
Professional staff scholarship scheme Procedure
Overpayments Procedure
Management of Non-Work Related Injury, Illness and Disability Procedure
Research misconduct and serious research misconduct Procedure
Study leave for professional staff Procedure
Purchased annual leave Procedure
Staff representation training Procedure
Outside Studies Program (OSP) Procedure
Staff grievance resolution Procedure
Appointments – Senior Management Appointments and Contracts for Service Division Directors and College General Managers Procedure
Appointments – Senior Management Appointments and Contracts for Research School Directors Procedure
Appointments – Senior Management Contracts for University Executive and Deans Procedure
Professional staff loadings and allowances Procedure
Dual career hire and appointments Procedure
Appointment of supervisors Procedure
38 hour week for hospitality staff employed at University House Procedure
Workloads Procedure
Personal leave Procedure
Overtime Procedure
Redeployment Procedure
Email and auxiliary accounts Procedure
Managing change Procedure
Performance and development - Academic staff Procedure
Performance and development - Professional staff Procedure
Managing unsatisfactory performance Procedure
Superannuation Procedure
Hours of work and related provisions Procedure
Casual professional staff conditions Procedure
Vice-Chancellor's Annual awards Procedure
Home based work Procedure
Short-term financial assistance for students Procedure
Adjustments for students who disclose a disability Procedure
Prevention of discrimination, harassment and bullying Procedure
Shift work Procedure
Public holidays and Christmas closedown Procedure
University Medal and Postgraduate Medal for Academic Excellence Procedure
Admission of under 18 international students Procedure
Authorship disputes Procedure
IP protection and commercialisation Procedure
Student intellectual property Procedure
Research data management Procedure
Alterations in or about University buildings Procedure
Data Governance Procedure
Paid outside work – the 52 day rule Procedure
Disclosure of Interest Procedure
Naming recognition Procedure
Records management Procedure
authorship Procedure
University services feedback Procedure
Organisational arrangements change Procedure
Academic School or Department accreditation Procedure
Higher degree by research - supervision Procedure
Peer Review Procedure
Prior service recognition Procedure
Sharps handling Procedure
Higher degree by research - thesis by compilation and thesis by creative works Procedure
Safe management of asbestos and synthetic mineral fibres Procedure
scholarships, grants and bursaries Procedure
Receipting Procedure
Advances Procedure
Supplier record management Procedure
Collections Procedure
Volunteers in support of Advancement Procedure
Student grievance and complaint resolution Procedure
ANU+ Procedure
Academic programs and courses accreditation Procedure
Use of private vehicles on University business Procedure
Student critical incident Procedure
Recording of teaching activities Procedure
Class representatives Procedure
Underage student management Procedure
Local Area Consultative Committees Procedure
Painting management Procedure
Case for English Language Equivalency Procedure
ANU Art Collection and Drill Hall Gallery Procedure
Student fee invoicing Procedure
Delegations of authority Procedure
Travel Procedure
Class of air travel Procedure
Travel to high risk destinations Procedure
cash handling Procedure
Travel to high risk destinations, procedures for risk assessment Procedure
Domestic animals on campus Procedure
Student assessment (coursework) Procedure
Procedure: Forced Offers made under the Coursework Awards Rule 15(4) Procedure
Work health and safety hazard management Procedure
Infectious diseases and immunisation for students undertaking clinical placements in health facilities Procedure
Child protection Procedure
Health monitoring Procedure
Working safely away from campus Procedure
Plant and equipment safety management Procedure
Isolation and danger tagging Procedure
Control of access to restricted locations Procedure
Confined space safety Procedure
Research Training Program scholarships Procedure
Higher degree by research - submission and examination of theses Procedure
Data breach response plan Procedure
Student academic integrity Procedure
Sexual misconduct response (Student) Procedure
Admissions Procedure
Appointments Procedure
Identified positions (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people/women) Procedure
Staff access to personnel records Procedure
Student access to student records Procedure
Freedom of information requests Procedure
Joint and dual award PhD degree Procedure
Work health and safety committees and representatives Procedure
Work health and safety audit Procedure
Education materials access Procedure
Open Data Procedure Procedure
Work health and safety actions Procedure
Open access research Procedure
Information technology account management and access Procedure
Authentication for access to University resources Procedure
Information technology administrator privileges Procedure